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Leadership Mastery

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How it Works

  1. Enroll in the Leadership Mastery membership program, here.
  2. After enrolling, revisit this page (the MAIN Program Module) to see a link to all modules and all courses.  I recommend bookmarking this page in your browser for quick access.  
  3. Individual modules and their courses are also navigable from the top menu, under "Leadership Mastery."
  4. Each module and the courses within them are intended - but not required - to be taken in order.  Each course displays a percentage of completion on the course page and in each module page under the "Course Descriptions" menu.
  5. Each module has its own resource library of content that adds value to the module's subject area but may not be delivered in a specific course.  This area will continue to change and grow along with the available course. 
  6. When all of the assigned courses, lessons, topics and quizzes for each module are 100% complete, a Certificate of Completion for that module will appear above the "Progress Bar."  A sample certificate from a completed module is displayed below. 
  7. Every module has a quiz called a Reinforcement Of Core Knowledge or R.O.C.K. covering content from that module.  The R.O.C.K. must be completed before earning a certificate ... and every course within the module must be completed before challenging the R.O.C.K.
  8. When all program modules and their courses are complete, this MAIN module will also generate a master certificate representing your outstanding achievement.
  9. As new courses and content are added, it will dilute any existing percentage of completion.  When you revisit the module page, the courses which are less than 100% complete will be listed first.

Sample Certificate - Module 1

Module Summary

MAIN Module:  Leadership Mastery

This is the main module that serves as the hub for the subordinate modules and their courses.  TIP: Bookmark this page to return to it easily.

Leadership Mastery

Course Descriptions

Click on each course to browse the course contents or to begin your training.

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Your cumulative transcript of completed courses is available for viewing and printing here (opens in a new tab). 

Other Modules

To browse the other available modules and their assigned courses, click the menu below or go here to browse the main course page (opens in new tab).

Module Resources

Resources that are not already embedded into the courses will appear below, when applicable.


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