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What is the benefit of learning "Best Practices in Crisis Management"? 

Nobody wakes up in the morning wanting to manage a crisis.

Instead, our goal is to go about our day surviving and thriving without disruption.

To achieve this goal, we can hope that a crisis will not impact us or our organization.  Or we can develop a sensible plan and process to address a crisis if or when one occurs.

After all, successful plans and processes create winning outcomes.

Easy to follow ...


It was great. The format was easy to follow once I got started and it was simple to capture the information I needed for future reference.

Maren McGillicuddy

- Special Assistant to the President

Crisis Management Best Practices

Created by the global crisis management experts at Bernstein Crisis Management, the Best Practices in Crisis Management Online Training Course is designed for people that understand the reality of a crisis happening in the world. 

And for those interested in being part of the solution when faced with a crisis.

Bernstein Crisis Management

If that describes you, enroll in Best Practices in Crisis Management Online Training Course and start building your crisis confidence today.

Here's what you get when you enroll:

  • Best in class education broken down into 5 Lessons, 7 topics, 1 quiz (scroll down to preview them)
  • 1 full year of access from any device, any where, any time
  • Easy to understand and follow "Best Practices"
  • Built-in note-taking app for capturing and saving key concepts
  • 2 free, downloadable quick-reference cheat sheets

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User-friendly, informative, and thorough


The Best Practices in Crisis Management course was user-friendly, informative, and thorough. I learned a lot from this course and I believe it can be applied to any role or career and has helpful knowledge for everyone. From social media to personal readiness, this high-quality course provided some very useful insights into being ready for any crisis to occur, and I can say that I feel tremendously more confident in my crisis management and planning abilities now. The course was also delightfully interactive, and the layout of the training was very well thought-out and accommodating to the reader. I highly recommend this course to any professional or individual who is looking to further their crisis management training, planning, and prevention.

Emily Hendricks

- Customer Experience Lead

... Everyone working in Communications to take this course ...


I haven’t taken many PR classes in school, so I thought the course was really valuable! Some of the concepts didn’t apply directly to me as a Specialist, but I really appreciated being educated on how to prevent, work through and recover from crises. This is definitely a course that I would want to re-visit if I change roles or some time has passed and I need a refresher!

It will be great to keep in the back of my mind at any time I’m posting--nothing is ever “not a big deal” if it is being published from our corporate social media page. So overall I thought it was great! I would encourage anyone and everyone working in Communications to take this course and use it to educate their company’s executives and every employee. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

IG: @mimi.bascom

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