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Shi Paku” is a Japanese phrase that loosely means “4 whites.” It describes a condition where the white sclera in our eyes involuntarily appears above and below our iris that’s contracted as a reaction to extreme stress.

When someone is experiencing this level of stress, the sight is unmistakable.

Crisis Leadership by TEAM Solutions

We’ve experienced or can imagine a similar stress reaction:

  • Waking up from a nightmare about being naked in front of our peers or trying to whistle the song “Dixie” in 28-degree weather.
  • Treating someone special to a first date and realizing when the bill arrives that our wallet is at home.
  • Going toward a high-risk environment with unknown hazards, while others are going the opposite direction in an effort to escape.
  • Being promoted to an unfamiliar position, to immediately lead an unsupportive team, through a difficult function, in view of the critical boss.

Crisis Leaders on the other hand seldom experience Shi Paku.  They learn to react to the stresses of life’s planned and unplanned events with competence, comprehension, and confidence.

Crisis Leaders understand that to survive and thrive during these events; they must be a strong leader for themselves before they can be a strong leader around others.

How do we define Crisis Leadership?  

"The ability to lead oneself and others during their response to any event of any size or complexity."

Therefore, if you go toward a crisis instead of away from it, this leadership guide is your secret weapon.

Supportive and confidential guidance on your terms ...

  • 1-on-1 (virtual or in-person)

  • Short or long-term

  • Private and public sector clients

Knowledge AND skill training to improve you and your team ...

  • Innovative and customized courses

  • Individuals/groups and private/public sector 

  • Online Training Catalog

Improving outcomes through experienced  facilitation ...

  • Discussion-based tabletop exercises

  • Organization-wide full-scale exercises

  • Customized reports and improvement plans

Helping others to help themselves ...

  • 1-on-1 coaching

  • Free Instructional Support course via email

  • Free insights

Helping move people from a bad place to a better place ...

  • Emergency evacuation devices

  • Innovative evacuation solutions

  • Free Evacuation Quick-Start Guide

Transforming audiences with engaging topics and energetic style  ...

  • Webinars and podcasts

  • Trade groups and industry conferences

  • Variety of engaging topics

Helping you develop the plans needed to manage planned and unplanned events ...

  • Design, setup, training, and exercises

  • Customized Solutions

  • Private and public sector

So that others may live ...

  • Online course catalog (Teams and individuals)

  • Free pocket cards and cheat sheets

  • Free SAR training course via email

  • SAR Supplies (FEMA Search Stickers, etc.)

Crisis Quick Start Checklist

In a hurry?  Grab this free 1-page checklist for starting, managing and ending a crisis.  

NOTE:  Some of the action items refer to topics that I detail in my book, "The Response Leadership Sequence."  For the proper context, you'll need the book, too.  And keep track of it, okay?  Only one PDF is sent per user.

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