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 “Greatness is not in where we stand, but in what direction we are moving.”  

~ Oliver Wendall Holmes (who was no doubt referring to leadership improvement!)

Leadership is all around us … and in us.

Within every level of the organization where we serve … there are leaders.

Unfortunately, many leaders are taught to embrace the position of leadership without also embracing the required skills of leadership improvement.

The pursuit of improving your leadership is why you’re reading this and improving your leadership is what I’m dedicated to supporting.

In addition to the other resources on this page, that’s why I’m developing a step-by-step course focused on leadership improvement before, during and after a crisis.

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With the right direction, we can achieve greatness as a leader.


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How Leaders Quickly & Effectively Improve 2-way Communication

Are you a responder who wants to transform from a good communicator to a great communicator? Great response leaders are defined by several traits … with “great communicator” being near the top of the list. True … but communicating information is also a 2-way street. The listener must also reply in a comprehensive way for […]

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How to Design and Instruct a Successful Course

In subscriber surveys, I heard from a high percentage of folks the desire to build a better course for instruction. Let’s tackle that head on by identifying two (2) of the most common instructional design methods.   Then, I’ll share a simpler and more universal approach that I’ve had great success with. Gagne’s 9-Steps of Instruction: […]

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How and When to Reward People and Teams … and When NOT to.

… Or should we even reward folks at all? After being bombarded with the ‘everyone earns a ribbon’ strategy, a little balance may be in order. First, here are some simple formulas: 1E=1R ($1 worth of effort = $1 worth of pay/reward) 2E=2R ($2 or more worth of effort = $2 or more worth of […]

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Building Trust By Doing 1 Simple Thing

Having someone’s trust is kind of like having a winning lottery ticket … either you have it, or you don’t. Here’s a simple jump start to building trust, especially when you’re new to the team: Win! Yep, find a few simple and quantifiable problems that are currently impacting your team and solve it. Example: Stopping […]

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The 5 Best Questions to Earn the Best Results

By asking the right questions, leaders at every level can engage followers and achieve greater success. Click to learn 5 Questions to Earn the Best Results.

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