Leadership Improvement
 “Greatness is not in where we stand, but in what direction we are moving.”  

~ Oliver Wendall Holmes (who was no doubt referring to leadership improvement!)

Leadership is all around us … and in us.

Within every level of the organization where we serve … there are leaders.

Unfortunately, many leaders are taught to embrace the position of leadership without also embracing the required skills of leadership improvement.

The pursuit of improving your leadership is why you’re reading this and improving your leadership is what I’m dedicated to supporting.

In addition to the other resources on this page, that’s why I’m developing a step-by-step course focused on leadership improvement before, during and after a crisis.

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With the right direction, we can achieve greatness as a leader.



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Is it Too Soon to Establish Your Legacy?

How soon is it too soon to start thinking about your legacy? Are you going to wait until you near the end of your career and then try to cram in a bunch of noble gestures before receiving your proverbial gold watch? Or are you building the ladder now to enable future leaders to climb […]

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Words Leaders Use

If leadership was easy, everyone would be doing it, right? But it’s not easy … and clearly, not everyone is doing it! Not well, anyway. One of the indicators of a leader is how we talk … which is a direct reflection of how we think. Here are some words and actions associated with Response […]

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The 2 Answers Every Leader Must Know

If you’re of my ‘vintage’ (born in the late 60’s) you may remember the catchy Budweiser beer commercial that chanted “Why Ask Why? Try Bud Dry!” That slogan / ear worm runs through my mind when I think about today’s topic: “WHY”. (Sorry if you thought I was going to riff about beer … perhaps […]

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Simplicity Rules

Saw this recently while researching different leadership ‘models’. “The practice of ***** requires one to embrace complexity.” Wow. Of course that’s not the first (nor the last) leadership model written by academics intended to reshape the way leadership is practiced. Clearly there are some awfully big brains out there with an opinion on how to […]

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The Future of Training

What’s the future of training?  How long will professional instructors be relevant in front of a classroom? One could argue (me included) that: the personal touch of classroom instructor has no equal. it’s blasphemy to even suggest that a computer can do a better job of educating tomorrow’s leaders than the flesh and blood of […]

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