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The 'No-Gotcha' Rule

How many courses have you attended where you've been subject to an instructor who makes you feel bad for not knowing something?  

Either by asking you a question you don't have an answer for to illustrate how much more they know than you ... or by withholding information that could empower you to know as much - or more - than them.

Gotchas, stump-the-chump, or any other tactic to make a student feel inferior because of not knowing something is poor training, poor classroom leadership and creates a lousy learning environment.   

That's why I have a "no gotcha" rule in my courses.  

Whether in person or online, if you don't know something, that's usually an indicator of me not properly teaching you instead of you not learning it.  After all, learning the previously unknown is why we attend courses to begin with, right?

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