About Mike McKenna, TEAM Solutions and Your Response Leadership

About Mike McKenna and TEAM Solutions

Mike McKenna / TEAM Solutions

TEAM Solutions is an online resource facilitated by me, Mike McKenna, for response leaders of all types to find and use mission-critical resources, improvement opportunities, and authentic coaching.

More about me and what motivates me is below:

Response Leadership

But first, what is a Response Leader and how do you know if you are one?

Every day, we react and respond to a bunch of events that are planned … like going to work, taking the kids to soccer practice, mowing the grass, etc…

And sometimes, we react and respond to things that are unplanned.

That could be any small, large or very large (!) event that is costly, hazardous and dynamic.

To survive and thrive during these unplanned events, people must be a strong leader of themselves before they can be a strong leader around others.

So, Response Leadership is the ability to lead oneself and others during their response to any event of any size or complexity.


I’ve been developing my response leadership skills for over 20 years.  And I’m still seeking ways to improve.

My professional career started as a private investigator where I facilitated criminal actions against white-collar criminals.  It was in front of classes full of many hard-boiled police detectives that I first started developing my instructional experience … trial by fire, really!

That work overlapped with service on a local, volunteer search & rescue (SAR) team and then with the Great State of Texas’ urban search and rescue team, TX-TF1.

Exposure to lots of disaster search and rescue missions led me to the opportunity to give back by teaching others:

  • response tactics
  • disaster leadership and
  • continuity of operations, among others …

Since 2003, I’ve relied on these experiences to deliver innovative, intelligent and insightful value for my TEAM Solutions clients.

So far, over 12,000 response leaders seem to agree.

** Voyage Magazine interviewed me recently about my journey so far.  It describes in much greater detail why I do what I do and how I got here.  Read more about my journey here.


I’ve assembled 5 primary ‘reservoirs of resources’ surrounding 5 principle solutions.  These have changed from time to time and will likely again, all based on the needs of the person I serve … YOU.

Each topic can be reviewed more in-depth via the links below (a new tab will open), or via the main menu at any time.






Mission Mike McKenna / TEAM Solutions

My family, my community, my state and country.

All of them deserve strong, confident and brave leaders.  

To be able to improve the condition of those communities with my contribution is a legacy worth pursuing.

I love my work because I get to “… accomplish … lead … and serve … “.  Those words are excerpts from my personal mission statement that has been on my desk and in my mind since 2003.

Like many folks, the “why” is an important fixture in my day.

And my “why” is my wife, son, and daughter.  We live near Ft. Worth, Texas and spend most nights and weekends chasing my son around to soccer practice and soccer games.

I look forward to connecting and hearing how we can improve the condition of Response Leadership, together.



Who else needs to know?

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