About Mike McKenna and TEAM Solutions

Mike McKenna/TEAM Solutions

Mike McKenna, President & Founder

 TEAM Solutions is an online resource facilitated by me, Mike McKenna, for response leaders of all types.

More about me and what motivates me is below:

Who I Am

I'm a facilitator, coach, speaker, and author ...

What I Do For You

I simplify and unify your leadership before, during, and after a crisis or planned event ...

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Who I Serve

New, future and current response leaders in the private sector, public sector, and government/NGO sectors.  Including:

  • Business Continuity Managers
  • Emergency and Incident Managers
  • Emergency Responders (fire, ems, police, search and rescue)
  • Incident Managers in IT/Cyber Security
  • Risk Managers
  • Crisis Communicators
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Small businesses
  • Non-Profits

What I've Done

As a facilitator and instructor ...

  • I've instructed over 12,500 students from around the world in excess of 8200 hours (as of early 2018)
  • I hold a law enforcement instructor certification
  • I'm credentialed and qualified to deliver numerous Department of Homeland Security (DHS) courses
  • I've helped deliver desired outcomes to clients in-person and online from small businesses in the private sector to schools and hospitals to local, state and federal governments in the USA and around the world
  • I hold or have held security clearances with international manufacturers and have been designated an expert in state and federal court

As a responder for my state’s urban search & rescue team ...

  • I've deployed to the majority of United States disaster incidents in the last 15 years including the Columbia Space Shuttle recovery, Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Ike; as well as over 150 local searches for lost and missing persons

As a publisher and author ...

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