About Mike McKenna and TEAM Solutions

About Mike McKenna and TEAM Solutions

I am a leadership coach, facilitator, trainer and author.

My professional career started as a private investigator and security consultant.  

I facilitated criminal actions against white-collar criminals and consulted on a variety of security and investigative matters.  

My security and investigations work overlapped with my service on a local, volunteer search & rescue (SAR) team.  That service led to a role with TX-TF1, the state and federal search and rescue team based here in the Great State of Texas.

  • Between 1999 and 2018, I deployed on nearly every major, natural disaster, including Hurricanes Katrina, Ike, numerous tornadoes and hundreds of missing person searches.
Mike McKenna/TEAM SolutionsMike McKenna, President & Founder

My involvement in such a wide variety of crisis and disaster situations also provided the opportunity to give back by instructing others.

I've had the honor to engage in-person -- NOT including online students -- with thousands of participants, so far:

Adult Students Coached
Instructional Hours Delivered
Exercises Facilitated
Customers served! 0 through Sept 2023
Customers served! 0 through Sept 2023
Customers served! 0 through Sept 2023
Serving in diverse leadership positions and being amongst other influential leaders powers the growing list of services I provide to support your needs.

Who I Serve

New, future and current leaders in the private sector, public sector, and government/NGO sectors.  Including:

  • Business Continuity Managers
  • Emergency and Incident Managers
  • Emergency Responders (fire, EMS, police, search and rescue)
  • Incident Managers in IT/Cyber Security
  • Risk Managers
  • Financial Institutions
  • Crisis Communicators
  • Schools (K-12 and Higher Ed)
  • Hospitals
  • Small businesses
  • Non-Profits

Strategic Partnerships

I maintain strategic partnerships with industry leaders in order to force-multiply the value to the client.  

Contact me for details about your specific interest/s.


The commitment to improve the state of leadership is far reaching.  

Browse the currently published books by Mike McKenna by clicking on the below image.

Book Bundle by Mike McKenna

Deeper Dive

For a deeper dive, I was interviewed by Voyage Magazine about my journey so far.  It describes in much greater detail why I do what I do and how I got here.  

Read more about my journey, so far, HERE.

Also, read my interview with Canvas Rebel HERE, featuring insights on small businesses, situational awareness, building a reputation, misguided governmental policies, and strengthening the customer relationship.  Check it out.

What Others Say

It was a pleasure to watch you take best practices from multiple worlds and bring them together ...

Mike A., Program Manager

Mike takes a complex theory and breaks it down into an easy to comprehend language that can be easily implemented.

David B., Small Business Owner


You can find and connect with me in most online platforms under "Mike McKenna" and "TEAM Solutions."  Including ...



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