I Facilitate Improved Outcomes for #Leaders before, during, and after a #Crisis.

Mike McKenna/TEAM Solutions

Mike McKenna


Over the last 20 years I've responded to the destruction of natural disasters, lead high-caliber investigative teams and instructed thousands and thousands of response leaders.  During that time, I've encountered some outstanding leaders.  And some lousy ones too.

Those lessons now fuel my commitment to deliver the most effective leadership transformation available.

If you're serious about improving your leadership, learn more about me and TEAM Solutions below or begin your transformation by browsing the Ultimate Leadership Guide or learn more about me, below ...

Pleasure to Watch

It was a pleasure to watch you take best practices from multiple worlds and bring them together in the after action review.

Mark F.
Program Mgr.

... Helped Save us ...

Michael McKenna and concepts in "The Response Leadership Sequence" helped us save the (pretend) day from a (simulated) ice and wind storm that could have (hypothetically) been (fake) devastating. Thanks fellas. Unity College is genuinely safer today because of you.

John Zavodny, PhD
Chief of Staff; Unity College

Love your courses!

I love your courses and plan on continuing education with you.


Training the Millennial

If you're looking for a speaker ... May I suggest Mike McKenna with TEAM Solutions. Mike came and spoke to our department about several topics that I think the group would enjoy. Specifically I think he could provide insight to training the Millennial.

Michael R.
Fire Chief

Wish I had this earlier

Very informative and to the point. Would have liked this 34 years ago when I was a new captain in the fire service.

Rory Rehbeck
Captain (ret), Los Angeles County Fire Dept.