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Mike McKenna/TEAM Solutions

 Founder & President of TEAM Solutions 


Over the last 20 years I've responded to the destruction of natural disasters, lead high-caliber investigative teams and instructed over 12,000 response leaders.  During that time, I've encountered some outstanding leaders.  And some lousy ones too.

During many of those disruptions, I've also had the opportunity to make lots and lots of mistakes with my own response leadership.  

Those collective experiences form the bedrock of my training and consulting that I provide to the world's most determined response leaders. 

If you're reading this, you're probably ready  to improve your own leadership skills but have been frustrated with the lack of an actual road map.   

That's why I offer - at no cost - a steady drip of relevant and actionable lessons to improve your leadership as well as a variety of other services. 

If you're serious about improving your leadership, your transformation starts by clicking below.

What Others Are Saying ...


Love your courses!

I love your courses and plan on continuing education with you.

Misty - Responder

Used Successfully at Work

Enjoyed the training and plan on using my new briefing and debriefing skills at our staff meeting on Friday! I appreciate the printables too. I can see most anyone benefiting from this class.

Bruce - Responder/Manager

Training made a big difference

We relied on your training during our deployment to Hurricane Harvey ... it made a big difference and you were spot on.

John B. - Fire Captain

Fill in the Blanks

I heard that I can fill in a lot of blanks with this course and it's true. I still have to build up my field skills but Mike’s course really gave me a solid knowledge of what I need and also parts of SAR that I was not familiar with. All stuff I need to know.

Rick - First Responder

Great introduction to what SAR is and how it should be trained for and performed.

Bruce - Firefighter

Great use of time!

Overall, this is by far the next best thing to going to a class somewhere and learning it. Except this is cheaper, actual training (not just a page ripped out of a text book) and from a good instructor.

Paul S. - Responder

Training the Millennial

If you're looking for a speaker ... May I suggest Mike McKenna with TEAM Solutions. Mike came and spoke to our department about several topics that I think the group would enjoy. Specifically I think he could provide insight to training the Millennial.

Michael R. - Assistant Fire Chief

Just Right

... For someone just starting (in Search & Rescue) this course is just right.

R.F. - Commander

Skill Improvement

...this type of training brings needed knowledge to the surface and helps the memory. I would recommend this course for any officer interested in improving their skills, which sometimes means we go home to the family another day. Win/Win…

Ryan R. - Police Officer

Tech Age

Thanks for bringing SAR into the tech age TEAM Solutions!

Jen - Volunteer Response Leader

Pleasure to Watch

It was a pleasure to watch you take best practices from multiple worlds and bring them together in the after action review.

Mike A. - Program Mgr.

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