Canine Behavior & Drives

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Canine Behavior & Drives

In this course you will learn what canine behaviors differentiate the dogs that perform consistently at high levels ... and how you can channel your dog's behaviors and drives to maximize their potential.

Enroll today in this Canine Behavior & Drives course and: 

  • Get the training you need ... 
  • To do the job you want ... 
  • With increased confidence and skill ...  
  • While saving valuable time from wasteful web-surfing for unverified content.
  • Intended audience:

  • Anyone needing to know more about dogs behavior, particularly SAR K9s.

  • Handlers of working dogs and pets.

  • Those wanting to understand dog behavior.

  • Committed learners only, please!

  • Benefits to your organization:

  • On-board new members with the right tools. 

  • Bulk discounts & non-profit discount available.

  • Excellent annual refresher for everyone.

  • Training manager has access to student reports.

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