What’s in a Name? Crisis Edition

Hello My Name is Nametag by TEAM Solutions

Johnny Dangerous … cool name. Cool Hand Luke … cool name. Henry Herpes … not so cool name (especially if your real name is Henry). Names can matter.  If you’re ever going to be in the business of naming a crisis, this article is for you.5 quick Case Studies and then a solution.  Let’s begin.The Weather ChannelIn 2011, […]

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Special Treatment and Equal Treatment are Different

Read the news, trade journals, and industry ‘insights’ and you’ll find conclusions that mostly deal with 1st-level consequences and solutions.   Very few bother even imagining the existence of any 2nd-level consequences and solutions, much less, considering their impacts.Here’s a simple example: In 2011, over 40 exotic animals were set loose into the Zanesville, Ohio community by […]

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