Best Advice: Simple or Complex?

I occasionally prowl around social media.  Somewhere along the line, the advertising overlords discovered my self-employed, entrepreneur status. My web activity has, therefore, earned me a fair share of targeted ads by people with business and marketing solutions for problems I didn’t even know I had. Many of them have the same general theme: ‘follow, them, pay them […]

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Are Leaders Born or Made?

Leadership by TEAM Solutions

Newsflash: There are no born leaders (or born followers, either, by the way). So, how are leaders made?Sugar, spice, and everything nice?Fire and brimstone?Repeating clever leadership quotes?Ancient Chinese secret?Purposeful education and experience?If you picked 1 – 4, go take a break. If you picked #5, keep reading. Just as the tallest buildings are built with the strongest […]

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