In 1905 an author named O. Henry published a short story called "The Gift of the Magi".  Here's the gist of it:Man and woman are in ...

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The Gift of Intent and Understanding; Part 1


"Oh, by the way ... just one more thing ..."Often, this last minute utterance at the end of a meeting, doctor's visit or ...

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Oh, Just One More Thing

Coaching, LEADERSHIP, Module 4: Initial Response, Module 5: Organization

When leading a) ourselves or b) others, many choices lay ahead.For instance, when leading your team into battle against the dragon on the ...

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Leadership and Free Choice

Instructional Support, LEADERSHIP, Module 3a: Instructional Support

As trainers, we all enjoy the thought of our students gazing into their bright future while pondering the transformative lesson we just delivered ...

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3 Steps for Instructors to Improve Student Outcomes