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Briefing and Debriefing for Better Communication


Participants will improve their briefing and debriefing skills and empower their subordinates and supervisors with this battle-tested and simple to use technique.


  • Improve your input and output in meetings

  • Increase the accuracy results for critical tasks

  • Enhance teamwork and develop leadership skills used during a crisis

  • Awesome, Eugene! Thank you for sharing and happy to hear you found the lessons valuable in the real world of emergency response.

  • Евгений Иванов says:

    Hello! I’m Evgeny. I’ve been working as rescuer in professional Emergency Rescue Squad in Moscow , Russia since 1997.
    I have taken part in many big and usual rescue operation in Moscow and Mosow Region . Moscow is really interesting region -it’s huge sity now in Moscow 12 615 279 humans .
    Everyone responder have been wondering some experience which have oure colleagues from anothers countrys and which experience I can get from they. So it was my way to meeting with Mike and Team Solutions. I have taken part in really interesting forum as instructor on Moscow emergency training range recently. The forum was made for young rescuers -volunteers from different regions of Russia and we had guests -rescuers from Germany (TWH). The main plot of the forum was SAR in abroad according INSARAG . All instructors tried to be good actors and wise teachers. I have noticed that every team had same mistakes.
    On My area, it was structure collapse in the big hole as water pool 5x 5x 4 meters 1 meters water, in the middle of pool we put vertically little home for builders with furnitures and put many concrete slabs and manikins.
    The main idea was give the experience young people in spatial skills working with elevating crane as slinger and lookout and boss of emergency zone.
    Every common mistakes were : 1) hitting only one task and lost another targets 2) They couldn’t made busy all team so part of people had been losting any interest toward the task . 3) They couldn’t share a roles between people.
    It reminded to my first course with I have got from Team Solutions it was briefing and debriefing.They couldn’t expanded self algorithm and try to watched most problem and decision the logistic of process. Yes, it happens sometimes even though we are have well experience.
    Thank you !

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