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Gain full-access to all courses, downloads and other benefits by choosing your most relevant membership from one of the below options.

Click one of the images below to learn more about the Crisis Leader Membership or the SAR Responder Membership:

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What are the differences and how do I decide?

Select the Crisis Leader Membership if you are:

  • an existing or emerging crisis leader in the private or public sector.
  • seeking to improve your knowledge and skill in planning for and providing leadership before, during and after a crisis.

Crisis Leader courses focus on strategic & policy-level members of: Business Continuity Mgmt, IT/Cyber, Risk Mgmt, EH&S, Public Safety, etc.  

  • Options are available for individuals and teams.

Select the Search & Rescue (SAR) Responder Membership if you are:

  • a SAR team training officer looking for reliable, reputable and efficient on-boarding and refresher training for your members. 
  • a new or prospective SAR team member seeking comprehensive SAR foundation knowledge.

SAR Responder courses focus on operational members of:  volunteer SAR teams, CERT teams, military units, fire departments, LEOs, etc.

  • Options are available for individuals and teams.

What's included?

Visit each membership page for the specific and constantly growing list of included benefits and resources.

Are single courses available?

To maximize the benefits and accessibility, the majority of courses are now consolidated under the umbrella of an all-inclusive membership.

  • The monthly cost of all courses is significantly less than the cost of some single courses.  

If there are any courses eligible for individual enrollment, you can see them HERE.

Regardless how you enroll, each course can earn its own certificate.

I will continue to evaluate this set up to ensure I'm providing the best possible outcomes for my paying customers.

How do I gain my supervisor's support?

Copy or download this template to gain your supervisor's approval and support.

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