Emergency Evacuation Support

Evacuation Objective

Whether evacuating yourself or executing an emergency evacuation of others, the critical, primary focus is to move people from a bad place to a better place.

"We must move people from a bad place to a better place." ~ Mike McKenna #evacuation

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Easy to say.  Harder to do.  

My team and I learned that during our month-long deployment to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.  Ugh.

That's why I've assembled a list of 7 Best Practices from leading experts on what to do before you actually evacuate your facility.

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For hospitals, senior care facilities, schools, and businesses, evacuating people falls into two categories:

  1. People that can evacuate under their own power.
  2. People that are immobile and need assistance in evacuating.

For the latter,  I'm proud to offer a versatile selection of emergency evacuation devices to help move immobile people from a bad place to a better place.  

 Emergency Evacuation Devices

Your emergency evacuation device solutions are below.  If there's another item or quantity that you're needing, please contact me using the form at the bottom and I'll try to track it down for you ... even if it's with a competitor.


Huge Relief

Kim H. - School District Buyer

"We truly appreciate you helping out our district and knowing we have these on hand is a huge relief."

Evacuation Email Updates

In addition to Evacuation Devices, there are other concerns about the regulatory concerns, implementation issues, training considerations, mass care and mass evacuation complications and a myriad of other evacuation related topics.

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Evacuation Insights


Question about which evacuation solution is right for you?  Contact me below or contact my supplier Lynn Moloney with Advanced Egress Solutions (be sure to tell her I referred you, please) for guidance.  

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