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7 Types of Leaders During a Crisis

In the movies, the heroic leader is often seen charging at the enemy with their saber rattling and a fierce battle cry. Just like in real life, right? Uh, no.  Theater aside, success during a crisis requires a leader that can access different strengths at different times. Read on about the different leadership types in a crisis … and consider which ones you […]

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How to get from HERE to THERE?

In 2005, during my USAR team’s response to Hurricane Katrina, we were repeatedly tasked – along with thousands of other responders – to blanket the submerged city to help those in need. Historically, most folks had always relied on street signs, good maps, and recognizable travel aids. However, all of those were underwater or not helpful […]

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Questions That Leaders Ask

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Imagine spilling your milk (or any other unplanned event). Unpleasant, right?To move on, Response Leaders seek answers to two separate but complementary questions: Why (insight) and What (action). WHY did it happen? Seeks insight into the disruption but does little to actually clean up the milk.Why is backward facing – looks at cause, effect and origin. Why is historic and factual and may be buried […]

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Teaching Tip: Tactics or Strategies?

I recently facilitated an exercise for some folks who were enrolled in their organization’s leadership development program. The more strategic level work I do, the more I notice when there’s a disconnect between what’s delivered versus what the participant actually learns. Here’s some further context: The leadership program takes place over 2 years where they […]

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Why I don’t Instruct with PowerPoint … and what I use instead

Confession: I’ve abandoned the use of Microsoft PowerPoint for presentations. Mostly. Here’s the caveat … some of the courses I deliver are for government clients that require a government-approved curriculum, including a government-approved PowerPoint presentation full of government-approved acronyms. Ugh. The idea behind “Death by PowerPoint” is reasonable. For “John” on the East coast to […]

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