Building Trust By Doing 1 Simple Thing

Building Trust

Having someone's trust is kind of like having a winning lottery ticket ... either you have it, or you don't.

Here's a simple jump start to building trust, especially when you're new to the team:


Yep, find a few simple and quantifiable problems that are currently impacting your team and solve it.  Building trust doesn't have to be difficult!


  1. Stopping too many automated emails that are not relevant.
  2. Replacing the lock on the door that keeps jamming.
  3. Moving the Friday afternoon meeting to Friday morning.

No heroics needed.

Just show the team that you can be trusted (as a leader at the top or a new leader at the bottom) to solve remove obstacles that don't need much help so that they will also trust you when you need to tackle a big problem requiring lots of help.

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Winning is good for everyone.

So find a simple problem and just solve it!

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