Crisis Leadership Mastery Online Training Program

The Crisis Leadership Mastery online training program enables you to emerge as a confident leader … especially when faced with a crisis.  

Crisis Leadership Mastery

The Story

We’ve all had the experience of being involved in a project, an organization or an event that suffered under poor leadership. 

If everything went well, we overlooked the leadership deficiency and hoped for better days.

But when - not if - things were imperfect, a crisis easily developed and flourished. 

Even if we were responding to a crisis on purpose (disaster responders, etc.), we often experienced a crisis within a crisis as a result of under-developed leadership.

The Problem:

Instead of a leader stepping into the moment to bring calm and clarity to the crisis, each situation tended to devolve into even more of a crisis, highlighted by:

  • Poor communication
  • Deficient training for the task
  • Damaged morale
  • Unclear outcomes
  • Toxic interactions
  • Low engagement
  • Unproductive multi-tasking
  • Duplication of effort
  • Rewarded bad behavior
  • Lack of planning

Team meetings, coaching emails, annual surveys, motivational speakers, and matching t-shirts proved to be no match for the damage to our morale and our outcomes due to under-developed leadership.  

Looking beyond our own organizations, we realize that the problem is worsening.  In a world which requires more leadership, more often, by more people, the demand has simply out paced the available supply.

We’re all expected to lead, but unless we’ve gained enough leadership knowledge, skill and experience, our efforts fail, particularly when a crisis occurs.  

And everyone suffers.  

People who are seeking a quick fix tend to be attracted to leadership memes, quotes, etc.  

After all, they're as abundant as the platforms available to share them on. 

For example, a popular speaker shares pithy quotes online to the cheers of thousands, such as:

  • Like a duck to a June bug, enthusiasts of these types of empty bromides swallow them whole.

And after the short-lived jolt of inspiration dies, they’re still starving - predictably - for competent leadership development. 

And the plight of serious leadership practitioners persists.

Insight alone does not transform.  Competent instruction and measurable outcomes do.  

Where does confident and competent leadership training come from?

The Solution:

In most cases, however, damage is unintentional. 

Most folks in a leadership role want to be high-performers … they just don’t know how. 

For organization’s and their future leaders, most leadership development solutions are underwhelming and/or over-priced: 

In-Person Leadership Training



  • Time is dedicated to receive info
  • Personal accountability is higher
  • Experienced facilitation can deliver immediate transformation
  • Difficult to sustain after instructor departs
  • Requires meaningful time away from primary job role
  • Investment can be burdensome, especially for big-name, university-branded education
  • Poor facilitation wastes time, money and goodwill

Online Leadership Training



  • Self-paced, fits into life, not the other way around
  • Always available, everywhere
  • Economical of time, money and effort
  • Increased accountability required
  • Poor instructional design i.e. reconstituted slides or videos embedded behind a paywall
  • Investment can be burdensome, especially for big-name, university-branded education

Crisis Leadership Mastery is an interactive online program delivering knowledge, tools, and insights so that emerging leaders can confidently excel before, during and after a crisis.

Why Crisis Leadership Mastery instead of just 'Leadership?'

Great question.

If you were taking your team out for ice cream, hosting a record-setting production meeting, or facilitating the opening of a new branch office ... you may meet the definition of a 'leader' (i.e. one who influences others for a common goal.)

But 'standard' leadership experience isn't as useful when conditions are imperfect.

Optimal conditions - Leadership experience may suffice
Less-Optimal conditions - Crisis Leadership experience is more relevant and resilient

For today's world?  We need more Crisis Leaders.

And mastery?  

Mastery is the love-child between knowledge, skill, and experience.  

Your Crisis Leadership Mastery Online Training Program Benefits:

Instant Access

10+ modules of instruction containing 80+ exclusive courses, supported by 400+ Lessons and 200+ Topics

Abundant Resource Library

Unlimited access to dozens and dozens of valuable downloads, worksheets and job aids to reinforce the material

Experienced Instruction

Experienced instruction; Exclusive access to the course creator


Certificates of Completion issued after each successful module

Crisis Leadership Mastery

Here's what some previous customers had to say ...

Sparked Future Career Opportunities

It was never thought possible that our organization could go from training in-person at military installations throughout the United States to an online course delivery in a matter of weeks, but Mike made it seamless. He truly went out of his way to be available, to answer questions of my staff and cadets, to continually refine access, and most importantly, sparked future career opportunities to serve communities. A true professional who leads others to success in their endeavors. I highly recommend TEAM Solutions.

LTJG Jason Smith

... Helped Save us ...

Michael McKenna and concepts in "The Response Leadership Sequence" helped us save the (pretend) day from a (simulated) ice and wind storm that could have (hypothetically) been (fake) devastating. Thanks fellas. Unity College is genuinely safer today because of you.

John Zavodny, PhD
Chief of Staff; Unity College

Love your courses!

I love your courses and plan on continuing education with you.


Training made a big difference

We relied on your training during our deployment to Hurricane Harvey ... it made a big difference and you were spot on.

John B.
Fire Captain

Here's what you receive ...

Crisis Leadership Mastery Online Training Program Modules

Crisis Leadership Mastery

Build a solid foundation of understanding and direction by examining the fundamentals of crisis leadership.

Crisis Leadership Mastery

Develop a comprehensive understanding of the mental mindsets used by crisis leaders to survive and thrive in any environment.

Crisis Leadership Mastery

Explore the predictable and repeatable sequence which are common to all successful events - large or small, planned or unplanned.

Crisis Leadership Mastery

Develop the knowledge and skills necessary to respond to any planned or unplanned event with confidence and competence.

Crisis Leadership Mastery

Evaluate the instructional strategies used to build the capabilities needed for emerging leaders.

Crisis Leadership Mastery

Improve the critical decision-making which occurs with the initial response to a planned or unplanned event.

Crisis Leadership Mastery

Explore the essential knowledge and skill required to become a confident and effective Search & Rescue responder.

Crisis Leadership Mastery

Explore the strategies and tactics used to reliably and swiftly move people from a bad place to a better place.

Crisis Leadership Mastery

Develop the clarity and skill to competently organize the people and resources which are critical to the success of an event response.

Crisis Leadership Mastery

Examine the activities and strategies that enable organizations and their leaders to build and maintain resilience.

All content in every module is included for every member.  

You receive unlimited access to 80+ exclusive courses, 400+ Lessons and 200+ Topics, plus all supporting downloads, worksheets, and job aids (current and future) are included with your program. 

After completing each Crisis Leadership Mastery module, students will be able to earn cumulative Certificates of Completion after passing a Reinforcement Of Core Knowledge (R.O.C.K.) quiz. 

PLUS ...


Exclusive member discount on physical items (books, equipment, etc.) 


Member’s only newsletters, interactive ‘office hours’ sessions


All future courses and content on the roadmap included at no additional cost

About ...

Crisis Leadership Mastery

Mike McKenna

Founder & Pres.

TEAM Solutions

Read more ...

About the Program Creator & Instructor: Mike McKenna

I'm the founder, president and 'chief bottle washer' of TEAM Solutions.

Since 2007, I've served public and private sector leaders improve their outcomes before, during and after a planned event or unplanned crisis.

That experience includes delivering trusted and transformative online training since 2011.

Learn more about me here.


A Final Thought 

Some of the previously mentioned online solutions may boast outcomes that seem similar.

However, none of them offer the specific transformation for emerging leaders that's offered here.  

Even more, the investment for some of the more well-known online programs costs $1000s of dollars with little more than a fancy diploma to show for it.  

In addition to the incredible economic value for your investment, the Crisis Leadership Mastery program delivers the tools, techniques and confidence you require so that you can continue emerging into a confident leader for any situation.

Start your Crisis Leadership Mastery journey by enrolling today.

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