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4 Key Ingredients Baked into High-Performing Teams

Building and maintaining a high-performing team (agency, organization, company, etc.) is a fickle thing. 

Just having a dominant voice, some talented team members, and a catchy mission statement are not enough.

For over 20 years, I've had the privilege to work with many different teams in many different capacities and I've discovered that there are (at least) 4 Key Ingredients baked into all high-performing teams:

  1. Defined Outcomes - What is the desired outcome and why does it matter (to me, you, the customer, etc.)? Until this step is universally supported and clearly communicated, nothing else matters.
  2. Clear Roles - Does everyone know what is expected of them and how to be successful in that role? Remember this timeless bromide: 'Assuming makes an ASS out of U and ME.'
  3. Consistent Actions - Are you dependable? Do you expect others to be dependable by creating an enforceable standard that consistently applies to everyone? Dependable people are useful and trustworthy people.
  4. Psychological Safety - Is there an authentic and safe feedback loop in place that embraces vulnerability and respect?  Giving and receiving feedback requires an environment safe from ridicule, criticism, and obstinance.  Promoting awareness and respect (i.e. emotional intelligence) at every level are success factors of all high-performing teams.

The nuanced expectations within every organizations obviously produce other key ingredients but the above four are universal.

If your organization baked a cake of high performance, would it have all of the ingredients?

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Mike McKenna

About the author

Mike McKenna is the founder and president of TEAM Solutions. He helps public and private sector leaders improve their outcomes before, during and after a planned event or unplanned crisis.

Please contact Mike via the Contact page.

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