Instructional Briefings

Instructional Briefings instruct someone what to do and why.

Instructional briefings appear in many forms and lengths depending on the need.

However they are all centered around the goal of empowering the listener to accomplish the assigned task.  Accordingly, most instructional briefings must also have an informational component to maximize the receiver's level of understanding.

The below video demonstrates a fun adaptation to an instructional briefing that many of us have heard many, many times:  the fabled airline briefing.


While the briefing usually induces a coma in frequent travelers, the content has some helpful benchmarks that are common in instructional briefings.

  • They identify those people who are involved (flight crew and passengers)
  • They outline the purpose (safety and civility)
  • They provide the amount of support that is provided (beverages provided)
  • They provide any relevant rules of engagement (credit only, no electronic devices)
  • They discuss the hazards (loss of cabin pressure)
  • They provide specific actions that are required now and that may be required later (help yourself, then small children)
  • They specify expectations during normal and unplanned operations (follow instructions)

These elements will be categorized in future lessons as "DO", "DON'T" and "DID".