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MCI Mannequin Adult/Pediatric


MCI Man and MCI Ped are a smart, efficient way to help you assess your response system.

These durable, inflatable training mannequins save money and time and decrease the liability of conducting mass casualty incident training.

Advantages of MCI Man and MCI Ped as a volunteer victim:

  • Eliminates volunteer hassles and potential for injury.
  • Use year-round, even in inclement weather.
  • Easy preparation, easy dismantle.
  • Low liability, high flexibility training tool.
  • Economical and reusable.

** Government orders Accepted … No order is too small! **

  • Also includes 37 FREE Disaster Scenarios to insert into each Mannequin.  For example:

45-year-old male with chest trauma complains of L shoulder pain

● Respiration: 40
● Pulse: 140
● Mental Status: A & O x 3
● R side tension pneumothorax
● R shoulder dislocation
● BP: 70/P
● O2 sat: 78%

Benefits of using a MCI Man and MCI Ped as a volunteer victim:

  • Clear chest pocket contains pre-scripted START disaster scenarios
  • Compliant with JCAHO standards
  • Available in adult (MCI Man) and pediatric (MCI Ped) sizes
  • Durable plastic material resists punctures
  • Hot and cold weather hardy
  • Quick inflation/deflation
  • Sandbags in feet keep mannequins in place
  • Grommets on shoulders allow tie-down
  • Stores easily in box for re-use


MCI Man 5′ 7″ (170 cm) 3lb 8 ounces (1.6kg)
MCI Ped: 30″ (76.2 cm) 3lbs (1.4kg)

Weight 3.8 lbs
Dimensions 77 in

Adult, Pediatric


Single, Case of 10


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