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The 5 Best Questions to Earn the Best Results

Some leaders command, but great leaders communicate.

Ask Better Questions

For whatever leadership role you currently hold (remember, everyone is a leader), ask these questions to subordinates and other leaders to engage, to inform and to inspire further achievement.

  1. WHAT do you have going on? This is the essence of situational awareness.
  2. WHY are you doing that? Their response will provide insight into how well they understand the mission.
  3. HOW does that impact the mission? This reveals how well they connect their work with the larger mission.
  4. WHEN will you know you are successful? This helps define what a successful outcome looks like.
  5. WHAT can I do to help? This question rolls off the tongue of all world-class leaders. They understand their responsibility to deliver clear communication, to support the mission and to remove any obstacles in the way.

It's aggravating to see an organization or its people put so much effort into solving a problem that doesn't exist. There's no value in that and eventually, the 'market' (customers, citizens, etc.) will react.

By asking these questions, leaders can stay connected to the forces that are critical to achieving the right results.

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Mike McKenna

About the author

Mike McKenna is the founder and president of TEAM Solutions. He helps public and private sector leaders improve their outcomes before, during and after a planned event or unplanned crisis.

Please contact Mike via the Contact page.

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