Your Support Please

Choose one of the below options to prepare a request to your supervisor to gain their support for you taking one of my courses.

May I have Your Support

Hello, _____________________,

Since continuous improvement is something we take seriously, can we check out this new training from TEAM Solutions?

The name of the course is:  _________________________________________________________________________________

The course delivers an online, interactive educational program that teaches the essentials of leadership before, during, and after a crisis.

All of their the courses include actionable material that I can immediately start applying to my role here.

The courses will help me sharpen my insights and amplify the skills we need to move our work forward more effectively.

Previous participants have said that these courses have transformed the way they operate and lead.

Everything is learn-at-your-own-pace, so I can participate on my own schedule while still fulfilling my other responsibilities at work.

The investment is: $_____________

Would the company be willing to reimburse me for this training, please? 

TEAM Solutions also offers a discount for multiple people from the same organization.

Their homepage is TEAM-Solutions.US

This could be the training we've been needing on our team right now. Looking forward to your decision.



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