New Member Quick Start Guide

Group Enrollment Quick Start Guide

Step 1:  CREATE Your Group

  1. GO to the Group Enrollment page (
  2. ENTER  the name of your Group
  3. SELECT the number of students (called 'seats') you want to enroll
  4. CHOOSE the courses you want your students enrolled in.  An example is below

Step 2:  SELECT Your Courses

  1. ADD the courses to your cart
  2. REGISTER with my site as a Group Leader
  3. PAY for the enrolled courses 

Step 3:  ENROLL Your Students

  1. GO to your Group Management page (
  2. ADD users (under "Enrolled Users" section) with their name and email
  3. BUY more seats or ADD more courses from the Group Management page also

Enrolled Users Screen

Step 4:  ENJOY Your Courses

  1. NAVIGATE (all users) to the MY Account page ( to access your enrolled courses.  
  2. TAKE ACTION.  Most courses expire after one (1) year from the date of initial enrollment.

Step 5:  MANAGE Your Group

  1. MONITOR your group's progress via the Group Management page ( where you can see quiz scores, progress, course completion data, etc.
  2. ADD or REMOVE users
  3. ADD more courses

Step 6:  SHARE Your Experience

  1. HELP me continue to improve this service by sharing your good and bad experiences with my courses.  Contact me HERE.
  2. POST a testimonial.  If your experiences benefit other groups, please post/share an honest testimonial that I can display on my site.
  3. RECOMMEND your network to consider advancing their knowledge through my online courses too.  Who else needs to know?


Run into an issue?  I'll do my best to help.  Double-check the quick start steps above or read below for some common challenges and solutions.  If that all fails, contact me with a run down of what's going on and we'll work together to find a solution.

PROBLEM:  "I keep getting a message that says I 'cannot connect securely to this page because the site uses outdated or unsafe TSL settings.'  What is it and how can it be avoided, please?"

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