Search & Rescue Pocket Card v1.1

Who else needs to know?

Search & Rescue Pocket Card v1.1

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Search & Victim Markings, Search Types and Symbols

Search & Rescue Pocket Card with standardized Markings and Types. A must have for Disaster Response teams. Compiled by FEMA Search instructor. No credit card or registration needed.  Download for free now!

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Search & Rescue Pocket Card – FEMA Search & Victim Markings

  • Anonymous says:

    Excellent – all the required info in one place. Plus, its free. Highly recommend! Thanks Mike!

  • Marty says:

    Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? Such a simple and straight forward cheat cheat with disaster markings. Beats carrying the book around or forgetting the markings entirely. Knowing which houses have been searched and which haven’t is worth $100’s of dollars so that makes this free pocket reference priceless. Kudos to Team Solutions for such a valuable product.

  • Ralph G. says:

    Perfect for our team to have on each person in the field in case we have to interpret other markings OR make our own. Critical to know what the marks mean and to have them accurate on a 2-sided card from people who actually teach and do this stuff all the time. Easy download link sent via email.

  • Ronnie says:

    I downloaded 2x and have one inside my helmet for disaster stuff and one attached with my team ID card. Have used it for a search for a missing girl and the PD was impressed that I knew all the markings. My team went and downloaded theirs for free right after. He could charge big money for this (sshhh) but I’m glad its free still. They have a damage card which I think is similar size, etc. but with different details. This card is great.

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