Special Events, Workshop Presentations, Instructor-Led Education

Instructor-Led Events:

One of my most popular courses is called Search Operations.  It addresses all of the critical search skills needed in the first 12 hours of a response.  The best part is that it is also highly customizable.

I’ve delivered everything from an 8 hour training featuring just part of the course all the way up to the full 40 hour delivery.

Since I created it to represent the best practices of several federal courses (that I also teach), I can format the delivery how you need it, not how some federal curriculum writer needs it!

Learn more about Search Operations, here.

Workshop Events:

In addition to my Instructor-Led and Online educational courses, I’m pleased to offer a series of 1-hour workshops (SEE BELOW), featuring topical and engaging content.

Ideal for:

  • Seminar Speaker
  • Luncheon Keynote
  • In-Service Education
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Workshop Presenter
  • Etc….

 These are a particularly good choice if you’re also in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas!

Response Leadership (1 hour-ish)

Defines the modern Response Leader … and explores what they do that separates them from everyone else during a crisis.

“Great presentation. I look forward to implementing what was presented.” – Workshop Participant

“Thought provoking and engaging.” – Workshop Participant

Effective Communication (1 hour-ish)

Identifies and explains how supervisors and subordinates can communicate more effectively to accomplish more.

“Time well spent.” – Workshop Participant

Increasing Vision and Reducing Blind Spots (1 hour-ish)

Explores strategies for leaders to see and understand more by predicting and eliminating what blinds us.Mike McKenna_TEAM Solutions

Successful Project Planning (1 hour-ish)

Describes the 4 building blocks of a successful project and illustrates how to take full advantage of them to master any size of project or mission.

“Great presentation. I look forward to implementing what was presented.” – Workshop Participant

“Very excellent conversation material.” – Workshop Participant

4 Pillars of Better Instruction (1 hour-ish)

Examines the critical elements of being an effective and efficient instructor, including an understanding how today’s adults learn.

Managing the Millennial Mindset (1 hour-ish)

Focuses on understanding, managing and integrating the 18-34 year old that will comprise half of every organization in just a few short years.

“Managing Millennials was a great topic to hit. We are starting to see these people in the fire service.” – Workshop Participant

“Information on millennials was great.” – Workshop Participant


Important Notes:

  • Sessions can be delivered individually or can be combined into a day or half day session.
  • Pricing is determined by the number of participants and the number of topics selected.
  • Deliveries outisde of the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex will include travel associated fees. 
  • Discounts may be available for select non-profits.
  • Customized delivery of customized topics is available.  Please contact me to discuss.
  • Scheduling is done 2 months in advance.
  • Yes, within reason, I’m willing to register as a vendor with your organization.
  • 1/2 payment is due at booking, 1/2 before the session starts.

Still have a question?  There are no dumb ones so ask away!

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