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Rescue Training Manikin – Weighted


Fire & Rescue Service Manikin. Rugged, realistic in size, weight distribution and handling characteristics.

NOTE:  shipping is approximately $100 per manikin due to their size and weight.  Additional changes may apply depending on the shipping destination. Please consider contacting us before ordering multiple manikins.

Fire & Rescue Training Manikin. Rugged, realistic in size, weight distribution and handling characteristics. Upgraded to a polyester fabric shell material. Manufactured using a flexible inner core, an outer shell, and coverall.

The inner core is weighted to human proportions using 4.4 lb packets of aggregate. Heavier models 154 lb, 176 lb, 198 lb, and 220 lb may have steel shot added to create the correct weight and weight distribution. Do not use the heavier manikins for MRI training. For structural integrity, the packets are sewn to a nylon inner dummy with all the body parts (arms, legs, chest, etc.) held in place with polypropylene webbing.

The outer layer is the same flame retardant Polyester used in Police ballistic/stab vests, which typically has 4 times the strength and abrasion resistance of 16oz canvas or P.V.C. All seams are double-stitched and are reinforced with high-density polypropylene webbing.

Includes storage loop to be used to hang manikin up to dry (NOT A DRAG HANDLE FOR TRAINING USE). The included washable coveralls protect the manikin from dirt and are reinforced with high-density polypropylene webbing in high-stress areas.

All manikins 44 lbs and up are supplied with lug sole boots that are secured to the manikin. The shaped head, recently introduced, allows the fitting of most types of immobilization collars. The red headcover can be removed and washed if it becomes dirty. This new model replaces both the Original General Purpose and Haz-Mat Manikins. The Fire & Rescue Manikin works very well for Pole Top Rescue Training.


Weight N/A

Infant [11lbs], Toddler [22lbs], Youth [44lbs], Light Adult [66lbs], Standard Adult [110lbs], Extra Heavy Adult [198lbs]


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