​​​​Crisis Leadership Fundamentals

Our world needs better leaders.  

  • Organizations are searching for better leaders ... 
  • People are starving for better leadership ...
  • Our future success requires - and will reward - better leaders ...

Are YOU up to the challenge?

Is your answer "YES" to any of these questions?

  • Is your career slowing down due to a lack of leadership skills?
  • Is your organization deficient in people that can step up and lead before, during, and after a crisis?
  • Need to be a more confident and competent leader by learning more real-world skills?

How it used to work ...

In the past, leadership training courses have only been available in-person.  I've taught some of them and despite their advantages, the limitations of this model are notable:

  • Requires travel, logistics, and time away from your life.
  • Can cost $1500 or more per person, per session.
  • Only delivered at a fixed time at a fixed place.
  • Access to competent instruction and facilitation can be hit and miss.
  • A shocking number of courses only address why you should be a better leader and lack instructing any tangible steps and skills needed.
  • When a crisis occurs and leaders are in demand, many of these leadership graduates simply are not equipped to step up.

A better way forward ...

While a crisis can include lots of unknowns, I've discovered that the knowledge and skills to successfully lead through one follow a fairly predictable sequence.  

Sequence of Crisis Response
  • I've also discovered that The Response Leadership Sequence™ can be used successfully by anyone, regardless of their current experience level and regardless of the type or size of crisis they expect to lead.
  • I've spent nearly 30 years as a student and a practitioner of leadership.  I've had the good fortune to have studied good and bad leaders, analyzing their good and bad decisions, including my own.
  • I've interviewed leaders across the private and public sectors who successfully led themselves and others through a crisis (disasters, wars, corporate crisis, dangerous animal incursions, fires, active shooters, missing persons, cyber attacks, train wrecks, etc.) and identified the knowledge and skills that are common to each leader.
  • I've had the honor to coach and mentor 10's of thousands of students so far how to improve their own leadership during a crisis.
  • I've published a best-selling book on leadership called "The Response Leadership Sequence - Empowering and Improving Your Leadership Before, During, and After a Crisis," currently being referenced by organizations around the world as a source of education and improvement for their current and future leaders.
Mike McKenna/TEAM Solutions

Let's start leveling-up your leadership ...

I've spent nearly 3 decades defining and refining the sequence used by world-class leaders.  Initially, my goal was to use those experiences to benefit my own development.  

Now I'm extending those benefits to you.

Those decades of hard-earned experiences have now been distilled into a value-packed, fundamental, online course designed to spark immediate improvement in your leadership knowledge and skill.  

Introducing ...

"Crisis Leadership Fundamentals Online Training"

The evolution of your leadership starts with the below fundamentals presented in 11 valuable Lessons.  Each lesson builds on each other and fills the gaps that most training leaves out.  

The outcomes are real and immediate.

  • 1
    Crisis Leadership Fundamentals Introduction
  • 2
    Fundamentals to Strengthen a Leader’s Mindset
  • 3
    Fundamentals to Develop a Readiness to Act
  • 4
    Fundamentals to Create Goals and Set Objectives
  • 5
    Fundamentals to Build and Engage a Team
  • 6
    Fundamentals to Decrease Risk and Increase Resilience
  • 7
    Fundamentals to Improve Decision-Making
  • 8
    Fundamentals to Leading During a Crisis or Event
  • 9
    Fundamentals to Communicating in a Crisis
  • 10
    Fundamentals to Resolve and Recover from a Crisis
  • 11
    Crisis Leadership Fundamentals Summary

What they say ...

Wish I had this earlier


Very informative and to the point. Would have liked this 34 years ago when I was a new captain in the fire service.

Rory Rehbeck Captain (ret), Los Angeles County Fire Dept.

Training made a big difference


We relied on your training during our deployment to Hurricane Harvey ... it made a big difference and you were spot on.

John B. Fire Captain

Get a higher level of performance


An excellent primer for any leader looking to get a higher level of performance out of his/her team. "The Wheel of Engagement" alone makes this book a must-read.

Jeffrey Armentrout Col, US Air Force Reserve; Lt Col, Civil Air Patrol

Skill Improvement


...this type of training brings needed knowledge to the surface and helps the memory. I would recommend this course for any officer interested in improving their skills, which sometimes means we go home to the family another day. Win/Win…

Ryan R. Police Officer

... Helped Save us ...


Michael McKenna and concepts in "The Response Leadership Sequence" helped us save the (pretend) day from a (simulated) ice and wind storm that could have (hypothetically) been (fake) devastating. Thanks fellas. Unity College is genuinely safer today because of you.

John Zavodny, PhD Chief of Staff; Unity College

What you'll be able to do ...

After completing this course you'll have the fundamental knowledge, awareness, and many of the skills needed to serve in a position of leadership in any size event, whether planned or unplanned.*

More specifically, this course will assist you in the areas of:

  1. Planning before the event (mentally and organizationally)
  2. Building an engaged and collaborative team
  3. Creating and organizing objectives to achieve your goals
  4. Decreasing risk and increasing resilience
  5. Improving the speed, quality and accuracy of your decisions
  6. Improving the accuracy, quality, and relevance of your communications
  7. Assessing and evaluating progress and making consistent improvements
  8. And much, much more.

*This is a fundamental course that introduces, outlines, and describes the sequence of knowledge and skill all leaders need to serve successfully in a crisis.  Each fundamental lesson also provides an optional opportunity to advance your training beyond the fundamental into a deeper, more advanced understanding.  The advanced training is optional and is intended only for the serious leadership devotee.

Who it's for ...

Everyone should be a committed leader of themselves and others, regardless of what position they hold in their organization.  

This belief maximizes the availability of qualified people ready and able to serve in the event of a crisis or planed event.

Below are some sample industries that have benefited from the Crisis Leadership Fundamentals Online Training material so far:




Public Safety (Law, Fire, EMS, EM)

Education (Primary - Higher Ed)

Emergency Management

Fed Government/Military

NGO/Volunteer Organizations

Cyber/Business Continuity

What's included ...

So that you're ready to immediately put your new knowledge and skills to work, here's what you receive access to as soon as you enroll in Crisis Leadership Fundamentals Online Training:

  • 11 Lessons, 2 Topics and 1 Quiz broken down into simple, understandable, and actionable steps
  • 7 Free downloadable and printable Cheat Sheets, Workbooks and Quick Start Guides
  • 9 Leadership Challenge Opportunities to bring the lessons to life in your real world
  • Numerous links and resources for additional development
  • Downloadable and printable Certificate of Completion (after successfully passing the knowledge review)
  • 24/7 email access to the course creator for guidance, clarification, and support
  • Built-in note taking app to keep track of your own key discoveries
  • 1-Year of instant and unlimited access to all course material as soon as you enroll
  • Free reinforcement emails, proven to validate and solidify your knowledge
  • Each Lesson provides a bridge to advanced learning opportunities for your specific areas of interest
  • $1000s of dollars of leadership education if accumulated separately packed into one course

How it Works ...

  • Click the link below to enroll in the course. Your one-time fee covers all course material.
  • Start, stop, and revisit any lesson for an entire year.
  • Embrace and enjoy your improved leadership!

If you're not a better leader after taking this course, I will refund 100% of your money and you keep the quick start guide and cheat sheets.

Time to Take Action

After reading this far, your choice of outcomes today is simple:

  • Option # 1 - Enroll and if you decide it's not right for you, you get 100% of your money refunded.
  • Option # 2 - Enroll and rapidly evolve into the competent and confident leader you're capable of becoming.

You have sought-after leadership skills to gain with nothing to lose.  

Click below to get started.


If you're not a better leader after taking this course, I will refund 100% of your money and you keep the quick start guide and cheat sheets.  Contact me directly here with any questions.

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