The 2 Evacuation Rules Responders Must Know

Emergency Evacuation

Each year, somewhere in our viewing area, we see a similar story play out:“Mass flooding forces mass evacuations”“Tornado destroys homes, residents have nowhere to go”The media usually has a narrative: ‘people are in danger and need to be evacuated!’But sometimes the media has a different narrative: ‘people are being forced to evacuate their homes!’The uninformed […]

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Criticize with Care – How to get action instead of acrimony

Criticize with CareEver notice that criticism gets a bad rap, generally speaking?   Not the “you’re ugly and your mother dresses you funny” kind, but the constructive kind that portends to improve performance. The problem is that when the criticism isn’t received as constructive, there’s no incentive for the desired improvement to occur. And the whole concept […]

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