Introduction to Emergency Operation Centers

An Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is ...  

... a location designed to support emergency response, business continuity and crisis communications activities. 

An EOC is most often a physical location (like a conference room) but can also be a virtual location (like an online or telephone meeting.)

In some organizations, the name that refers to an EOC facility may differ.  That's okay of course as long as everyone knows what their functions are.  Examples are:

  • War Room
  • Situation Room
  • Op Center
Emergency Operations Center EOC Fundamentals

Event though the term "EOC" oddly implies that they perform actual emergency operations (they don't),  I'll still use the name EOC since it is the most widely recognized and accepted.

During unplanned events like hurricanes, cyber attacks, etc. and planned events like a marathon, large conference, etc.  EOC's are a critical link in the crisis response chain.

The main links in that chain are the following three (3) facilities :

  • Incident Command Posts (ICPs)
  • Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs)
  • Policy Groups

Next up, we'll break down these facilities and what role they play.

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