Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why do you need my first and last name?  

3 reasons:  1) Certificates:  we issue certificates after folks complete our online courses and the name on your member page is the exact name that populates your certificate.  Aren’t you glad you asked, Mickey Mouse? 2)  Content Protection:  when you buy something from our online store, we customize the document with the name on your member page.  We do that to protect you AND protect our intellectual property.  3) Personalization:  most online, you know, relationships are very cold and clinical.  We hope to be your training partner for a long time and the more we treat you online like we do in person, the more productive we think our relationship will be over the long haul.  

Why do you require my city, state, and country?  

We want to know who are friends are.  Over time, our offerings might change based on the geographical location of our users.  For instance, if we get a lot of users logging in from Cleveland, we might avoid making too many Cleveland Brown jokes.

Who do I talk to about an issue with a payment, a course, a test, a certificate, a download, a…anything?

We want…no, we need you to be satisfied with us in order for us to grow our business in an authentic way. So if you have an unmet need, etc. we can only fix it if we know about it. So hit us up via the Contact page and let ‘er rip. If we can help, we will. Pronto. If your need exceeds our ability to fix it, we will direct you to where help is available.

Will my online course enable me to go leap tall buildings (or other hands-on, life safety function)?

Uh, no. Proficiency is needed before you go into the field and risk your safety, the safety of your team or the safety of your possible victim. Our online training and our digital downloads are designed to build a foundation of skills and/or to augment that training with specialized knowledge. Even with a printed certificate, our training is NOT designed to take a novice and empower them to go running into a burning building, or anything similar.  Users of this site are expected to read and understand our Hold Harmless policy.

When is new content updated in the digital library and Online Training Academy (LMS)?

As often as we can, as often as we need and as often as we have people like yourself telling what topics interest you! Contact us with your additional thoughts please!

Why do we charge for training that is free elsewhere?

The training offered here reflects not only years and years of hands-on experience but also our commitment to provide tactical and practical content that can be immediately put to use in the real world (not just a checklist of things that you should do!). So while some of the content can be obtained by searching online for hours and hours (what is YOUR time worth?) the material found on our site is reputable, field tested and exclusive. As a business, we feel that exchanging a few dollars for this content is a fair trade and one that enables us to build and invest in even more content in the future.

How do we do it?

Magic friend, magic. Or as some might call it: years of blood, sweat, and tears in the real world along with years of requests by classroom students to share more material online in order to reach more people.  We have and continue to pay our dues as both responders AND instructors.

Still have a question burning a hole in your brain? Fill out the contact form and ease your pain.

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