TEAM Solutions Wheel of Engagement™ Introduction

There is a persistent and much-ballyhooed belief that team member engagement is simply the result of them having Purpose and Passion.

However, nothing is farther from the truth.

In fact, those promoting such a pithy and empty bromide is a discrediting to the serious work of leadership development.

Successful leaders need long-lasting, repeatable and resilient solutions that add to a team's culture.


SIMON Widget Manufacturing hires a consultant to improve company engagement.

The consultant's big discovery is that they there is not enough passion exhibited by the widget-makers on the factory floor and that engagement in supporting the new production quotas is non-existent.

To fix this, the consultant says that managers must do a better job of sharing the purpose of widget-making which will translate into the factory worker's unbridled passion to make more widgets.  Then, they'll cheerfully engage on any new production quotas since they are now passionate.

The consultant, flanked by the eager managers, hosts a pep rally to launch the "Purpose + Passion = Engagement" campaign.

Banners, buttons, and bumper stickers promoting the "purpose" are now plastered on every blank surface.

  • After the pep rally, the consultant collects a big check $$$$$ for their 'amazing insight'.

Fast-forward a few weeks after the euphoria of the pep rally fades and work resumes ...

  • Factory Workers - Irritated with the manager's expectation that production quotas have increased and that banners that say "purpose" are missing the point.  And, they're still not passionate and they're still not engaged.
  • Managers - Frustrated with the lack of passion from the factory workers.  Their own passion and engagement suffers.
  • Owners - Worse off than when they started.
  • Consultant - buys a new Jet Skis, names them "Purpose" and "Passion".

Trite but true.

The solution to this frustrating and wasteful exercise is found in a systematic, repeatable process called the TEAM Solutions Wheel of Engagement™

Wheel of Engagement by TEAM Solutions (c)

In this course, you'll learn and understand how the TEAM Solutions Wheel of Engagement™ systematically produces engagement and performance while debunking the "purpose + passion" bromide.

But first, for the TEAM Solutions Wheel of Engagement™ to spin and advance down the road, understanding each spoke in the wheel is needed.

Continue to the next lesson to see each step and learn how to apply them in order to improve your situation.

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