4 “What” Questions that Improve Resilience

Quick.  Can you name a resilient organization? How about the local cleaner that trims its hours because nobody has answered their want ad?  No. How about the plumber that loses its approved vendor status because their jobs run late due to a rickety work truck in constant disrepair? Nope. How about the company that shuts […]

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Simplifying the Complex by “Sifting Folly”

TEAM Solutions Leadership and TEAM Building

“Sifting Folly” What a glorious phrase, eh? I was reading one of my favorite blogs (FarnamStreetBlog.com) and this phrase really got my attention. Partly for its eloquence but mostly for what it stands for. The topic was Albert Einstein and why he was so freaking smart. One reason, widely accepted, was his ability to quickly […]

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