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Get Things Done and The Sequence of Response

Little Timmy is missing after the tornado and is reportedly trapped in the collapsed building.  He is likely running out of air, viability and hope.  A team of searchers is rapidly searching void spaces in the collapsed building using high-tech camera’s that extend into cracks to detect survivors on the inside.  One searcher sees a […]

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Duty Cycle: Work + Rest = Live

My candle burns at both ends, It will not last the night. ~Edna St. Vincent Millay Most of us know how to work, but how many of us know how – and when – to rest? In a low impact environment, like staying up to catch just one more episode of Law & Order re-runs, we […]

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Helping those with Functional Needs during a Disaster

  Folks with functional needs have been historically under-served before a disaster strikes (think:  “notice event” like a hurricane versus a “no-notice” event like an explosion).  As a result, a disproportionate amount of effort must be taken to evacuate them to a better place after the disaster strikes.   During virtually every large hurricane in […]

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4 Pillars of Instruction; Better Learning & Classroom Mgmt.

More than 10,000 adult students (as of early 2016) have taught me a few things about being a better instructor. Some of their lessons humbled me, some empowered me, some scathed me and some simply taught me the value and importance in building competence as an instructor. While I hope to learn as much from my next 10,000 students, below are the four (4) simple but critical foundation skills I’ve learned to rely on. Click the image to learn more…

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Your Ladder is your Legacy – How to Win by Serving Others

When I was a young man, my father shared with me the following, inherited responsibility: “Improve the breed.” In terms of helpful guidance I’d rank it up there with “listen don’t speak”, “always use please and thank you” and “don’t eat the yellow snow”. Challenging to implement at times but immensely important to make part of our lives in both thought and action. Being of service to others, particularly those that we are responsible for, is one the of most impactful ways to improve not only our own breed but those around us too. Has anyone helped YOU up the ladder of life today? Have YOU helped anyone?

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