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The Future of Training

What’s the future of training? ¬†How long will professional instructors be relevant in front of a classroom?

One could argue (me included) that:

  • the personal touch of classroom instructor has no equal.
  • it’s blasphemy to even suggest that a computer can do a better job of educating tomorrow’s leaders than the flesh and blood of an experienced coach bringing the coursework to life.*

And while I can argue the benefits of having and continuing to develop sustainable instructional talent, we could also use a healthy dose of perspective.

  • In the corporate environment, most estimates suggest that 85% of all employee training will be online in just a few short years.
  • Those same pundits estimate that only FIVE (5%) of training will occur in the presence of a facilitator. Yes. 5%.
  • And the remaining 10%? Many industry analysts expect “immersive training” to take a leading role into the future of adult education.

What’s Immersive Training?

You’ve perhaps seen the goggles that kids put on that provides them with an immersive experience of riding a roller coaster … all while sitting still in a chair. That’s immersive gaming.

Neat, parlor trick-type stuff, right? Except that technology is about to dramatically transform how adults receive learning content.

Want to see how to assemble a widget, program a computer or speak in public? Slap on some Immersive technology goggles and hit play … you will be IN the experience while you learn the experience.

Will immersive training be ‘all things for all people’? Of course not. Neither is e-learning or classroom instruction. The best among us will embrace the right medium at the right time … that which creates the greatest value for the student.

In short, I don’t think professionally trained, competent instructors are going away. I also don’t think that we can squeeze very many hands-on training courses into only 5% of all instructor led courses. However, I do think that over time our role will shift to more presentations via online learning platforms (like mine!).

Those of us that are already blending our teaching methods will be poised to remain valuable and relevant. For instance:

Did you know that I’m already starting to offer online ‘on-boarding’ and ‘refresher training’ to forward-looking organizations?

Do you agree with this assessment of our industry?

Future organizations will require future innovations. And those innovations require competent Leadership that’s prepared for that future. If you plan on being one of those Leaders, be sure to join my growing Leadership community and diverse resources here.

* All computer based training is not equal. Some show old videos of lackluster power points and some – like mine – challenge, inspire and actual improve the student’s knowledge!

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Mike McKenna

About the author

Mike McKenna is the founder and president of TEAM Solutions. He helps public and private sector leaders improve their outcomes before, during and after a planned event or unplanned crisis.

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