How Leaders Quickly & Effectively Improve 2-way Communication

Communicating - Briefing and Debriefing

Are you a responder who wants to transform from a good communicator to a great communicator? Great response leaders are defined by several traits … with “great communicator” being near the top of the list. True … but communicating information is also a 2-way street. The listener must also reply in a comprehensive way for the communication […]

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How to Design and Instruct a Successful Course

In subscriber surveys, I heard from a high percentage of folks the desire to build a better course for instruction. Let’s tackle that head on by identifying two (2) of the most common instructional design methods.   Then, I’ll share a simpler and more universal approach that I’ve had great success with. Gagne’s 9-Steps of Instruction:Gaining the learner’s attention […]

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