Requirements for Team Engagement

When seeking great Team Engagement, we’ve heard it before.

“Bring the passion!”

“Have a purpose!”

We hear the battle cries, yet one of the challenges of leaders I hear the most often is the lack of engagement among their Team.

Lack of engagement with your Team – especially Millennials – has a couple of root causes:

  • Lack of Passion
  • Lack of Purpose

Before true engagement is possible, Team members must be connected to these 2 P’s … and it us up to the Leaders to help make those connections.

Passion: strong emotion

Purpose: “why” we do something

And one without the other doesn’t create engagement … they’re the most powerful when they both exist in the heart and mind of the Team member.

Most people can relate to their Passion and Purpose for their spouse: they have strong, passionate emotion for them, built over time and they are deeply connected to the purpose of living happily ever after.

Easy to do? Of course not. Powerful when Passion and Purpose are aligned? Absolutely!

Build it and they will come …

  • To build a Team member’s Passion: like adding fuel to a fire, reinforce/reward their interest in the topic.
  • To build a Team member’s Purpose: explain “why” in enough detail to connect their why to your organization’s why.

Look for signs of Passion and Purpose in our Team members (even if they’re not a subordinate) … and then take a step to build them up using the above, simple tactics.

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About the Author

Mike McKenna is the founder and president of TEAM Solutions. He helps public and private sector responders successfully lead themselves and others through any planned event or unplanned crisis.

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