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Hi, I'm Mike. I simplify and unify solutions for those committed to improving their response leadership during a crisis.

For over 20 years with over 10 thousand responders, I've dedicated myself and my business to improving the condition of response leaders like you in the private, public and volunteer sectors.

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4 Answers Response Leaders Know … Before Everyone Else

I’ve been plugging away on a new project involving the role of leadership during a crisis. Among other things, I’ve concluded that there are 4 answers that successful response leaders consistently know before everyone else. Keep reading for these common questions and answers. I’m hoping you’ll recognize some of your own leadership ‘style’ in some […]

Improve Communication … Lessons from Search & Rescue

The problem with communication is the illusion that is has occurred. ~ George Bernard Shaw Ah, communication. The first thing to fail and the first thing to be blamed for the team’s troubles. Yes, of course, Response Leaders must be good communicators but what does that actually mean? All too often communication training is built […]

Where do future leaders come from?

All great leaders have a few things in common. One is that long before they were referred to as “great leaders”, they were referred to as “future leaders“. We all have to start somewhere, right?  Despite the 140-character, sound-byte world we live in, leaders don’t just eat a bowl of magic cereal to become great. […]

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