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Hi, I'm Mike. I simplify and unify solutions for those committed to improving their response leadership during a crisis.

For over 20 years with over 10 thousand responders, I've dedicated myself and my business to improving the condition of response leaders like you in the private, public and volunteer sectors.

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Why Your Definition of Span of Control is Wrong (and How to Fix It)

“No man can command more than 5 distinct bodies in the same theater of war.”   Napoleon I (1815) And so began our oft-repeated dictate on how many subordinates one supervisor can have.  If you’ve taken a FEMA course on how to manage an emergency response, you’ve heard this chant ad nauseam about span of control: […]

Words Leaders Use

If leadership was easy, everyone would be doing it, right? But it’s not easy … and clearly, not everyone is doing it! Not well, anyway. One of the indicators of a leader is how we talk … which is a direct reflection of how we think. Here are some words and actions associated with Response […]

Beware of the Shiny Toy; Why Your Strategy Stinks

Each morning that I’m in town I spend precious time with my elementary aged son during the daily processional known as “getting ready for school”. And to be sure, it is not a perfect process.  Some days are over run with a struggle to get out of bed, to eat a healthy breakfast, to have […]

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