Words Leaders Use

If leadership was easy, everyone would be doing it, right?

But it’s not easy … and clearly, not everyone is doing it! Not well, anyway.

One of the indicators of a leader is how we talk … which is a direct reflection of how we think.

Here are some words and actions associated with Response Leaders:

Vision v. History

Us v. Them

Team v. me

Objectives v. Agenda

Disappointed v. Offended

Responsibility v. Blame

SERVICE v. Self-Service

The last one is particularly useful.

If the results of our actions result in the people around us being better … then we’ve committed an act of service.

  • And authentic service is at the very core of a respected leader.

However, if our actions result in only our own ego being stroked or there’s no detectable benefit to the ‘greater good’ … then we’ve a committed an act of self-service.

  • And self-service is seldom associated with leaders we respect.

The world already has an over-abundance of self-serving people … what can you do this week to commit an act of authentic service?

Who else needs to know?