Search and Rescue Fundamentals

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Search and Rescue Fundamentals

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Ready to learn more about the rewarding field of Search and Rescue (SAR)?

Need a broader understanding of what’s involved?

Take this course to gain a solid and valuable foundation of knowledge of virtually every aspect of SAR.  This one-of-a-kind course delivers the benefits of having all of the information you need to get started without having to spend the time and money searching elsewhere.

Benefit from saved time and money by receiving the training on your schedule and at your home or office.

Online training for search and rescue for new members and refresher for existing members.

Course is delivered by a veteran SAR responder. This one-of-a-kind course is self paced and includes:

  • Custom, printable & downloadable certificate
  • CEU’s
  • FREE SAR Basic Course material included
  • FREE Knowledge Review
  • FREE Download – SAR Pocket Card
  • FREE Download – 4 Objectives of Disaster Search
  • FREE Refresher Emails

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Little Timmy lost in the woods, hundreds of people missing after a hurricane, a homicide victim dumped in an unknown location, dozens of people unaccounted for in an office building after being hit by a tornado, the boater who is missing and is presumed drowned … These are all examples of search and rescue missions that require trained and dedicated responders to assist.  Using examples from actual missions, this course will build a solid foundation for anyone wanting or needing to know more and to be better equipped to do more.


Course participants will define the different search and rescue (SAR) incidents and their causes, identify the types of search and rescue resources that respond, compare the different levels of response to a search and rescue incident and recognize what level of training is needed to safely and effectively perform search and rescue operations. Ideal for anyone needing an accurate and solid foundation of SAR knowledge. Search and Rescue or SAR Fundamentals will solidify your basic understanding of this exciting and fulfilling activity.

  • Mike McKenna says:

    Thank you for your interest, Folorunsho. You will be automatically enrolled after clicking and paying here. See you on the inside.

  • Folorunsho Harkhingunola says:


  • bryan says:

    Online courses are pretty new to me, but out of the ones I’ve taken by choice or by requirement, this course was the most interesting. Not just the topic but you can tell that it’s written by a person who has been there and not a robot. It went very fast and I have a cert and new knowledge to pursue my dream of being in S&R.

  • Ronnie says:

    Took this course awhile back before the K9 SAR course. The SAR course is a great foundation or refresher and the K9 course is the advanced or specialized course on just K9, even though it is called intro. I asked some people on my SAR team about some of the info mentioned and some old timers didn’t even know so I am sure that this course can make anyone better no matter how long you have been in SAR. Great courses by this site and I recommend all of them. Plus if you ever have a question or problem, the owner Mike gets back to you asap and takes care of whatever issue you have. Very cool to see these days.

  • S.K. says:

    I’ve read the books on the fundamentals of SAR and they cover a lot of the same things as this course. What I like in this course is the lack of fluff. The teacher is very experienced in SAR and shares his knowledge in an informative and straight forward manner. I already had a background in SAR so it didn’t take me long to go through the course, but I still learned a few things. In 2015, this is the was we should all be learning fundamentals. It took me nearly 6 months to gain the same amount of info that I was able to consume in just a couple of hours over a lazy weekend, on my iPhone no less! Bravo to Mike and Team Solutions for an excellent course. Keep ’em comin’!

  • Jen says:

    Really good course. Lots of good stuff crammed into such a short course. As a refresher, I knew some of the things in the course but always good to see it again, especially for a topic like SAR. Some of my team mates are going to take it too since it is easier to take it online than several weekends of sitting in a class for the same info. Thanks for bringing SAR into the tech age TEAM Solutions!

  • Marcus says:

    I would recommend these courses to anyone. Outstanding courses. The certificates issued look poor quality but the courses overall are great!

  • Anonymous says:

    Need more of my team mates to take this. Good course.

  • Anonymous says:

    I had no idea so much was involved. Bless you for what you do. We recently started our team and have been looking for something like this for our new and probationary members. I was in the military and this course still taught me tons. Great work.

  • Samson says:

    I’ve spent dozens of hours reading lots of SAR books, SAR websites and videos. In about 3 hrs on this site, I learned all of that and more. Wish I had known about it before. I am out in the country without a SAR team and this training and certificate has already helped me earn support of local sheriff that I am serious about SAR. If you want to know about SAR even if you have already learned some, this is a super course. Samson.

  • Rick says:

    Very good. I’ve been in SAR for a short while and my SAR team is pretty new too. I heard that I can fill in a lot of blanks with this course and its true. I still have to build up my field skills but Mike’s course really gave me a solid knowledge of what I need and also parts of SAR that I was not familiar with. All stuff I need to know. Now I need to get rest of team to take it before getting too much further. Wish I could get Mike to come to our team to train us too!

  • Anonymous says:

    Glad I found this course … saved a ton of time instead of trying to get this info from all over the internet. Instructor info is top notch and I learned alot. I started and stopped course over weekend and it kept my place. Recommend to others who want to learn SAR the right way.

  • Zachary says:

    “This course represents an outstanding method to either discover the Fundamentals of Search and Rescue for the first time or to refresh your memory if you are returning to the field after a long hiatus. As an EMT running an EMS service in the DFW area and as a first year medical student, I didn’t have a lot of time to invest in a traditional sit down course. This course by Mr. McKenna provided the flexibility of training I needed to get my feet wet for my SAR Canine training. The course contains 10 models that can be completed in under three hours for 0.3 CEUs. While a bit pricy, I feel this course is well worth the cost for the flexibility and the information provided and is very competitive to other online training site prices I have seen for similar courses within the EMS field. All and all a very well put together course well worth anyone’s time and financial investment towards self improvement or just beginning ones journey in SAR.” – Zac Friske, MBA, EMT

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