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Course Group Management Setup Fee


1x setup fee to enable robust, comprehensive student tracking dashboards, customized to your course group.

NOTE:  This product is only available for teams and groups who enroll 10 or more people in a group membership

This product is a 1x only setup fee to enable a host of group management features on a customized dashboard, such as:

  • Assign members as Group Leaders with access to each group member’s progress.
  • Separate your team members into groups and sub-groups to manage them by region, by role, etc.
  • Help your member manage their account by resetting passwords, etc.
  • Send emails directly from your dashboard to students based on course, progress, etc. to nudge them along.
  • Monitor course progress of students by the individual, by group or by course to identify fast and slow learners.
  • See your student’s quiz results, including which answers they missed to help them grasp the material.
  • Assign, evaluate and provide feedback on essays and assignments uploaded by the student.
  • Download and print your student’s earned Certificates of Completion to help celebrate their success.
  • Plus … fast, effective customer service for any questions, changes or issues.


Add this powerful feature to your group account today.



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