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Instructor Activity Tracking Workbook


Fully customizable, digital workbook that records, tracks and effortlessly calculates your instructor activity.

Build a verifiable instructor resume with simple and time-saving techniques to record dozens and dozens of different instructor metrics like:  number of students, number of hours, type of class, several customizable topics to choose from, category of student, date, place, client, and lots of automatic summaries to immediately identify your trends and accomplishments.

I’ve used this very same workbook to track and report – to the student – where, how and to whom my instruction has been delivered.

Also included:  customizable and sortable metrics for volunteer v. paid, training that you’ve received, volunteer value contributed per year as well as awards and credentials!

Download yours today and elevate your instructor status!

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Professional instructors maintain a comprehensive record of classes taught, numbers of students/audience members, hours of delivery, topic and other instructor metrics such as whether they have written proof of their instructor role, etc.

I’ve been maintaining this very same digital workbook of these and dozens of other instructor metrics mainly for the automatic summaries that I programmed. Such as …

  • How many classes were delivered to police officers, firemen, private sector participants?
  • How many courses did I deliver for free? For how many students? By percentage of total classes?
  • How many involved a disaster topic AND a private sector audience?

While other instructors are boasting of an outlandish number of students taught, without any proof, this digital workbook documents in one place what you’ve actually done, class by class, student by student and many other relevant data points.

I also track, in this same workbook, all of my volunteer time, mileage, the number and kind of awards and credentials I’ve received and dozens of other important metrics. It took me weeks to put it together the first time and now it’s on auto-pilot.  And you can benefit from my trial and error.


  • Fully Customizable
  • Dozens of Pre-Formulated Metrics
  • Used by Experienced Professionals
  • Saves time and effort – auto calculates
  • Documents instructing, training, volunteering and awards/credentials
  • Takes your instruction management to the Next Level!

Download yours now!


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