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Briefing and Debriefing for Better Communication

(12 customer reviews)


Ask for AND receive the results you require, the first time.

Interactive Online Course … start improving your Communication today!

Effective Briefing and Debriefing of tasks, projects, and status updates don’t need to be complicated nor should it result in a costly duplication of effort, diminished morale or misfired effort.  


Interactive Online Course … improve your Briefing and Debriefing Skills today!

  • After successful completion of this course, you’ll be able to effectively and confidently ask for and receive what you need from subordinates, peers and ‘superiors’.  
  • Whether an hour-long task or a multi-day project, the overall success and efficiency of our operations is often based on our ability to accurately and effectively transfer needed information and intelligence back and forth between participants.  
  • Effective Briefing and Debriefing is how this data is communicated and when done poorly the task or the project – and the entire organization – suffers needlessly.  
  • Over the next 6 weeks, I’ll provide and demonstrate the “6 D’s of Getting Stuff Done” … that will immediately improve the outcome of your operations.


  • Communicate better!  Effective Briefing and Debriefing of tasks, projects and status updates doesn’t need to be complicated nor should it result in a costly duplication of effort, diminished morale or misfired effort.  
  • Participants will be able to describe and demonstrate the primary and secondary elements of an effective and battle tested Briefing and the primary elements of a Debriefing.  
  • Learn how to insure a more fluid transfer of information up and down the organization.  

12 reviews for Briefing and Debriefing for Better Communication

  1. Евгений Иванов

    I studied this rate for own development. I work as the rescuer in Moscow. Very often with participation in classes in analysis of incidents or just trainings I notice not outstanding performance and productivity of an action. I like structural approach of Mike to rules of “blamestorming session” and problem definition. I understand that it is impossible to apply for 100% this experience to work in Russia because of many reasons. It is important to understand that in this rate there are many tools which need to be used in work. I know that I will watch material of this rate still more than once. Thanks, Mike!

  2. Mike McKenna (verified owner)

    Thank you, Eugene!

  3. Евгений Иванов

    Я изучал этот курс для собственного развития. Я работаю спасателем в Москве. Очень часто при участии в занятиях по разбору происшествий или просто тренингов я замечаю не высокую эффективность и продуктивность мероприятия. Мне нравится структурный подход Майка к правилам “разбора полетов” и постановки задачи. Я понимаю , что невозможно на 100% применить этот опыт к работе в России из-за многих причин. Важно понимать , что в этом курсе есть много инструментов ,которые нужно использовать в работе. Я знаю, что еще не раз буду смотреть материал этого курса. Спасибо, Майк!

  4. KenB

    Took this course after buying their Event Workbook download. Loved the book and figured I would love the course. It did not disappoint. My company holds meetings like they are a sport. And then we have followup meetings to cover what everyone forgot to do in the first meeting. Before I even finished taking this course, I called my boss to ask for a meeting (!) and then I outlined what I was learning. He was resistant at first but when he let me lead a meeting where I stumbled through the Do, Don’t Did stuff that I learned, I think he became a convert. If more people could take this course, we could dent the national debt with the all the increased productivity! If you are in a place where meetings are sucking you dry, take this course (or better yet, buy it for the people having meetings.). I’ll be signing up for other management courses from Team Solutions, they are hitting the nail on the head!

  5. Anonymous

    Excellent training. Wish we had this in the academy. Thanks.

  6. Bruce

    Enjoyed the training and plan on using my new briefing and debriefing skills at our staff meeting on Friday! I appreciate the printables too. I can see most anyone benefiting from this class.

  7. lee

    A boring topic but this class made it tolerable. Got my CEU’s and a cert and learned some things about effective briefing. Took my time and nice that I didn’t have to start over each time I logged on. If you need a work skill that you can actually USE, this course is good.

  8. Rory (verified owner)

    Coming from a responder community the one one thing that is not not done well is briefings and debriefings. Usually briefings are to long and debriefings maybe nonexistent. Mikes program lays it out in the simplest of terms and puts a process to it. If you follow this process the responders operations will be timely and complete. It will also prep for actions for the following operational periods.

  9. Tonya S. M. (verified owner)

    This course has information that will transform the way you run your meetings as a manager/leader in your organization. Easy to understand steps for briefing and debriefing that can be used immediately.

  10. Wendy P (verified owner)

    Coming from a non-profit organization, many times meetings can get sabotaged by the best of ideas and intentions. Implementing what I’ve learned about briefing/debriefing has resulted in more effective communication at meetings, fewer opportunities to chase rabbit trails, and a sense of overall appreciation that we are using our time as productively and efficiently as possible. The best part was that I could take the course in the comfort of my own home and on my own time-frame and can refer back to it as much as needed. To anyone who is frustrated with ineffective meetings, this course is a MUST!

  11. Bill

    thanks…I’m on it!

  12. Mike

    Hi Bill. Yes, Yes and Yes. You will get a receipt emailed to you and it will also be available in your account profile on your own MY Academy page. Your oh-so fancy certificate will show the 1 hour of class, will bear your name and is downloadable and printable from your account page (MY Academy). Thanks for your interest, Bill.

  13. Bill

    Can I get a receipt to submit to my company for continued ed? And a cert showing the hours and completion?

  14. Sue L.

    Very original! My company sent me to one of those ‘how to hold a meeting and get things done’ workshops, which was a waste of entire day AND a pile of money (not including our lost productivity for being gone). On a lazy Sunday afternoon, in my PJ’s and a cup of tea I learned more actual meeting and effective briefing/debriefing tactics than in an entire day workshop. I tried the tactics in a meeting this morning in fact and while I still need a little more practice, my staff was grateful that I was more effective AND efficient … and we got done in record time, with more clarity. This course lives up to its billing. Highly recommend. (and glad I can always log back in and review the lessons whenever I need a refresher).

  15. Anonymous

    Impressive course full of valuable info. We will likely save thousands of dollars in wasted time based on Mike’s course. Really good stuff.

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