Howdy fans of Hurst United Soccer Association ... welcome to the online home of TEAM Solutions!

Keep reading to learn more about what we do, who we are and why you want to connect with us.  Then scroll to the bottom for an even MORE special offer.

What do we do?

We help organizations of all types and sizes - like Hurst United  - learn to lead through any planned or unplanned event.

Specifically for Hurst United we've helped them in three (3) primary areas:

1.   Event Management using principles of the Incident Command System (ICS).  ICS is a management system that professional response agencies (police, fire etc.) as well as a growing number of private sector organizations use to manage their response to both planned and unplanned events of all sizes.  ICS is the best practice for managing an event of any size with any number of people.  Read on about how we helped HUSA improve the Turkey Shoot Tournament.

2.   Objective and Functional based Implementation.  Beginning with the end in mind, TEAM Solutions helped HUSA construct strategic and measurable objectives that reflected their values and culture.  Next we helped them define and assign the functional positions and tasks needed to achieve those objectives.

3.   Resource Management.  With over 100 volunteers to train, equip and support spread out over 10 separate soccer sites, HUSA relies on the proprietary TEAM Solutions' Staff Tracker to make sure the right people are in the right place at the right time.

Who are we?

TEAM Solutions is a Hurst, Texas-based small business owned and operated by Mike McKenna.  Be sure to connect with me on the most popular social media channels too.

Learn more about Mike here.

‚ÄčWhy do you sponsor Hurst Soccer?

Easy.  Four (4) reasons:

1.    We have children that play or have played for HUSA and HUFC.

2.    We believe in the positive environment that HUSA fosters for youth athletes in North Texas.

3.    We share a common commitment to continuous improvement.

4.    After training thousands of students from around the world, I'd like to increase my company's visibility and business prospects closer to home!

Congratulations on scrolling to the bottom!  You can own the workbook that HUSA used to revolutionize the Turkey Shoot and what they use to continue to improve the event.  Buy your own copy below.

Thanks again for your interest in and support of TEAM Solutions. Keep managing your risk and let us know how we can help you.


Mike McKenna
TEAM Solutions

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