Simplicity Rules

Saw this recently while researching different leadership ‘models’.

“The practice of ***** requires one to embrace complexity.”


Of course that’s not the first (nor the last) leadership model written by academics intended to reshape the way leadership is practiced.

Clearly there are some awfully big brains out there with an opinion on how to improve the state of leadership. More power to them.

However, when I look at the best led organizations and the best led projects, responses, etc., none of them involve excessive amounts of engineered complexity.

Go figure.

I see us all on a journey together to improve the state of leadership.

And while any journey worth taking has its share of bumps and potholes … I can assure you that the road we’re on and the destination we’re headed to are intended to be simple, at every step.

Let’s embrace simple.

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Who else needs to know?