Accurately Interpret and Mark Official FEMA Search & Rescue (SAR) Markings

Mark Wolfe/FEMA

Jocelyn Augustino/FEMA

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One of the persistent issues during disasters is the lack of documentation of what has and has not been searched ... and to what level of thoroughness.

As a former responder, FEMA Lead Instructor and course developer for  several Search & Rescue courses I've seen first hand the need for this information to get into the hands of fellow responders.

This Free SAR Pocket Card addresses those problems head on by providing accurate, simple and easy to carry reminders of what to mark and when for:

  • FEMA Search Markings
  • FEMA Victim Markings
  • FEMA Search Definitions (Hasty, Primary, Secondary, etc.)

Ideal to keep in your helmet, lanyard, mobile phone and vehicle.

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