Search & Rescue (SAR) Responder Membership

Learn, Build & Maintain a Solid Foundation in Search & Rescue (SAR)

How many of these challenges sound familiar?

  • Training for Search & Rescue that is time-consumingexpensive, and requiring an advanced mindset.
  • Joining a SAR team and then spending a year or more waiting to serve on an actual search while finishing your foundation training.
  • Investing time and money in a weekend away attending basic SAR training sessions instead of advancing your SAR career with more advanced courses.
  • Participating in an incident that didn’t go well or end well due in part to inadequate skill and knowledge among some of the participants.
  • Needing an easier way to receive critical foundation training without spending a day sitting through a boring PowerPoint lecture by someone of questionable instructor ability.

Search & Rescue (SAR) Responder Membership

is for you if:

  • You’re a Team Leader and need a cost-effective & efficient solution to reliably train and refresh your members every year.
  • You’re already involved with SAR but recognize gaps in your own knowledge and skills.
  • You're new or intend to join SAR.
  • You are curious if becoming a SAR Responder is a right fit for you.

Did You Know?

Training industry experts believe that by the year 2020, nearly 85% of all on-boarding and refresher training will take place online. (via E-Learn-Info Industry Report - 2016).  

Online learners also report their top three results:

  1. Better productivity
  2. Improved development
  3. Competitive edge

What will I learn when I enroll in a Search & Rescue (SAR) Responder Membership? 

  • Enrolled members will gain or strengthen the foundation knowledge needed for every SAR responder to perform reliably.
  • Enrolled members will know what skills are needed to execute a successful SAR Response.
  • Enrolled members have unlimited access to our online catalog of interactive SAR courses, downloads & other resources.  
  • Topics - delivered all online - include ...

 Search & Rescue Fundamentals

Managing a Crime Scene

Medical response including Bloodborne Pathogens

Team Communications

Responding to a Disaster & Assessing Damage

Responding to a Flood

Handling & Training a SAR K9

SAR Navigation

Managing a Search Mission

Working with an Emergency Operations Center

Responder Safety

Other current & future topics ...

Bottom Line ... Here’s What You Get: 

  • Take only the courses you need … so that you are always in control of your learning
  • Critical foundation knowledge … so that you can add real value during a real search
  • Mission ready skills … so that you can hit the ground running
  • 24/7/365 access on any device … so that you can improve at the time and place of your choice
  • Printable and downloadable Certificates of Completion … so that you can verify your education
  • Content developed by experienced SAR Responder and Instructor … so that you can get the right knowledge for the right reasons
  • “Right-sized” lessons … so that you can optimize your improvement, your way
  • Micro-learning … so that you can quickly learn, refresh, and practice, in short, meaningful chunks

Everything to gain, nothing to lose ...

enroll in a Search & Rescue (SAR) Responder Membership today.


If you have not improved your knowledge from these courses, contact me within 7 days of enrollment for a 100% refund.

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