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If you answered "yes" ... you've most likely already experienced at least one of these challenges:

  • Training for Search & Rescue that is time-consuming and expensive.
  • Joining a SAR team and then spending a year or more waiting to serve on an actual search while finishing your foundation training.
  • Participating in an incident that didn’t go well or end well due in part to some of the responders not having enough critical SAR knowledge.
  • Spending countless hours sitting through questionable PowerPoint lectures by inexperienced instructors.
  • Struggling to make time together as a team, making foundation training difficult to achieve on a consistent and reliable basis

If any of those experiences sound familiar, I'm pleased to offer a solution:

Crisis Leadership Mastery Membership

Online education for emerging leaders

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SAR Responder is now part of ...

Crisis Leadership Mastery

How do I know if a Crisis Leadership Mastery Membership is right for me?

A Crisis Leadership Mastery Membership is for you if ...

  • You’re a Team Leader and need a cost-effective & efficient solution to reliably train and refresh your members every year.
  • You’re already involved with SAR but recognize gaps in your own knowledge and skills.
  • You're new or intend to join SAR.
  • You are curious if becoming a SAR Responder is a right fit for you.

Did You Know?

In 2020, nearly 85% of all on-boarding and refresher training takes place online. (via E-Learn-Info Industry Report).


Online learners also report their top three results from learning online:

  1. Better productivity
  2. Improved development
  3. Competitive edge

What will we learn by enrolling my team in a Crisis Leadership Mastery Membership? 

  • Enrolled members will gain or strengthen the foundation knowledge needed for every SAR responder to perform reliably.
  • Enrolled members will know what skills are needed to execute a successful Crisis Response.
  • Enrolled members have unlimited access to our online catalog of interactive courses, downloads & other resources. Including all courses added in the future!  
  • The included Subject Matter - delivered all online - includes ...

 Search & Rescue Fundamentals

Managing a Crime Scene

Medical response including Bloodborne Pathogens

Team Communications

Responding to a Disaster & Assessing Damage

Responding to a Flood

Search Strategy

Handling & Training a SAR K9

Risk Management

SAR Navigation

Managing a Search Mission

Working with an Emergency Operations Center

Responder Safety

Other current & future topics ...

+ PLUS ... All current and future Crisis Leadership courses!

Bottom Line ... Here’s What You Receive:

  • Full, unlimited access to the courses you need, in any order … so that you are always in control of your learning
  • Critical foundation knowledge … so that you can add real value during a real search
  • 24/7/365 access on any device … so that you can improve at the time and place of your choice
  • Printable & downloadable Certificates of Completion … so that you can verify your education
  • Content developed by experienced SAR Responder & Instructor (opens in a new tab) … so that you can get the right knowledge, delivered right
  • Micro-learning … so that you can quickly learn, refresh, and practice, in short, meaningful chunks

See what others say ...


SAR Fundamentals, Crime Scene Evidence & Preservation, SAR K9 Intro

Fabulous! I love the ability to accomplish necessary certifications/classes on my own schedule. The way the courses are formatted in small sessions as you go, each building upon the former, is (in my opinion) the best way to learn. All the material is clear, concise and insightful, and the "customer service" is immediate and personal. I just love it! Thanx!!

Recommend? Absolutely!

C. Lynnette Mima , Prioprietor/K9 Handler, trainer

Crime Scene and Evidence Preservation

This Course has some very key factors and points that can keep you from becoming the Primary Suspect of an investigation.

This course lays out a solid foundation to the steps to take when approaching a crime scene or any scene. I would recommend this course to everyone in the Search and Rescue Community

Christopher Bryant , Search and Rescue Command Sergeant Major South Carolina State Guard Search and Rescue Command

Training made a big difference

We relied on your training during our deployment to Hurricane Harvey ... it made a big difference and you were spot on.

John B. , Fire Captain

Love your courses!

I love your courses and plan on continuing education with you.

Misty , Responder

A great benefit to my team and myself

I took the SAR-Basic online course from Team Solutions and found it to be a great benefit to my team and myself. I believe that while some of us may have a long life of experience(s) with any number of career choices, it is always beneficial to take a step back and remind yourself just where you started. This course served as a fantastic refresher for many of us and as a great knowledge base for the newer ones with lesser field experience. Thanks Mike for the opportunity!

Cindy , Team Leader

Tech Age

Thanks for bringing SAR into the tech age TEAM Solutions!

Jen , Volunteer Response Leader

Great use of time!

Overall, this is by far the next best thing to going to a class somewhere and learning it. Except this is cheaper, actual training (not just a page ripped out of a text book) and from a good instructor.

Paul S. , Responder

Love your courses!

Hi Mike, I love your courses and plan on continuing education with you.

Misty Harris

Strongly encourage you to sign up

I completed the basic Search and Rescue course. I know what your thinking, You are thinking it is (online) course and not that much to it. Well let me tell you, you are very wrong. This is a lot of information. And if you have any questions Mike is an email away and will answer your questions ASAP. I enjoyed this course so much, I can't wait to start the k9 training course. If this is something you are interested in I strongly encourage you to sign up for this course. You have nothing to lose. Thank you Mike for helping me get this crazy dream of mine started.

Liz Davis , Responder

Skill Improvement

...this type of training brings needed knowledge to the surface and helps the memory. I would recommend this course for any officer interested in improving their skills, which sometimes means we go home to the family another day. Win/Win…

Ryan R. , Police Officer

SAR Fundamentals

I loved this course! It covered many, many areas that I feel and felt need covered with all Team members!

Recommend? Absolutely!

Cindy Gray , Chief Operations Officer

Just Right

... For someone just starting (in Search & Rescue) this course is just right.

R.F. , Commander

Search and Rescue Fundamentals

I like it - it's good for all people to do this course.

Recommend: Yes

Slade Boyle , Responder

Great introduction

Great introduction to what SAR is and how it should be trained for and performed.

Bruce , Firefighter

About the Instructor/Course Developer ...

Crisis Leadership Mastery

Mike McKenna

Founder & Pres.

TEAM Solutions

About the Program Creator

Mike McKenna is the founder and president of TEAM Solutions.

He helps public and private sector leaders improve their outcomes before, during and after a planned event or unplanned crisis.

Please contact Mike via the Contact page.

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