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Free Search & Rescue (SAR) Fundamentals Online Training

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Free Search & Rescue (SAR) Fundamentals Online Training:

... So that you can start your Search and Rescue (SAR) experience with real, relevant and reputable information ...

... So that you can build a solid foundation of SAR knowledge to begin your Search and Rescue (SAR) experience ...

... So that you can decide (at no cost!) if, where and how you can add value to searches for lost and missing people ...

... So that Others May Live ...

"Will I be able to participate on a real search after receiving this training?" (click to see the answer)


This free education delivers an introduction into your initial foundation ... and then provides a clear path to becoming a trusted, reliable responder on an actual search.

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Search & Rescue Fundamentals
Search & Rescue (SAR) Training

So, HOW does it work?


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  • Exclusive SAR content created by an experienced Responder and Instructor.


  • Read each lesson when you want, how you want and for as long as you want ... they're yours, free.

Yeah, but what about ...?

Is this training appropriate for ______(fill in the blank)?

This course is appropriate for anyone wanting to learn more about the critical and exciting role of Search and Rescue (SAR).

You might be interested in background knowledge about SAR or as an initial step to join a SAR Team.

Former students have consisted of public safety workers (law, fire and EMS), community volunteers, current and former military, media, etc.

My training is NOT for someone who wants to use SAR as a means to simply attract attention to themselves.

Do you offer additional SAR training besides this intro course?

Yes, an extensive amount and variety of educational opportunities to advance your knowledge and skills are available at TEAM-Solutions.US.

Is this training certified?

Email-only courses do not earn the recipient a certificate. For those that choose to advance to the full course, however, a downloadable Certificate of Completion is provided and backed by TEAM Solutions.  

TEAM Solutions and Mike McKenna are respected internationally for delivering professional, experienced and results-oriented adult education. Mike is both a veteran responder and an experienced instructor.

Learn more about Mike and TEAM Solutions here.

Why are you giving this information away for free?

3 simple reasons:

  1. I’ve seen, heard about or been a part of many searches that suffered from having too many people show up to help with little or no training. I'm in a position to fix that and feel a responsibility to do so.
  2. I’ve taught search and rescue topics to thousands and thousands of responders and am experienced at knowing and relaying the information that's needed to build skills and knowledge. I'm in a position to fix that and feel a responsibility to do so.
  3. Some of you will also decide to advance your SAR education by enrolling in some of my paid programs, which is how I make a living.  The rest will at least know where to find me when their situation changes!

What will I be capable of at the end of this free course?

Like with any adult education, you'll get out of it what you put into it.

The emailed lessons provide you the basics of “who” and “what” during a SAR mission and will equip you with the initial knowledge and guidance to decide if additional SAR education is appropriate.

While you won't yet be capable of ethically responding to a real search, you'll be well on your way.

Who's behind this?

I'm Mike and I've responded to and taught search and rescue (SAR) for 20+ years at the local, state and federal levels.  When I became interested in SAR, I wasted hours and hours trying to find out where and how to get involved, the right way. Like you perhaps, I discovered as much bad information as I did good information.

Those years of experience have enabled me to pass along some of the information to you that I wish I had when I was new.

Click here to learn more about me and why I do this.

What do others say?


SAR Fundamentals, Crime Scene Evidence & Preservation, SAR K9 Intro

Fabulous! I love the ability to accomplish necessary certifications/classes on my own schedule. The way the courses are formatted in small sessions as you go, each building upon the former, is (in my opinion) the best way to learn. All the material is clear, concise and insightful, and the "customer service" is immediate and personal. I just love it! Thanx!!

Recommend? Absolutely!

C. Lynnette Mima - Prioprietor/K9 Handler, trainer

Love your courses!

I love your courses and plan on continuing education with you.

Misty - Responder

A great benefit to my team and myself

I took the SAR-Basic online course from Team Solutions and found it to be a great benefit to my team and myself. I believe that while some of us may have a long life of experience(s) with any number of career choices, it is always beneficial to take a step back and remind yourself just where you started. This course served as a fantastic refresher for many of us and as a great knowledge base for the newer ones with lesser field experience. Thanks Mike for the opportunity!

Cindy - Team Leader

Tech Age

Thanks for bringing SAR into the tech age TEAM Solutions!

Jen - Volunteer Response Leader

Great use of time!

Overall, this is by far the next best thing to going to a class somewhere and learning it. Except this is cheaper, actual training (not just a page ripped out of a text book) and from a good instructor.

Paul S. - Responder

Love your courses!

Hi Mike, I love your courses and plan on continuing education with you.

Misty Harris

Strongly encourage you to sign up

I completed the basic Search and Rescue course. I know what your thinking, You are thinking it is (online) course and not that much to it. Well let me tell you, you are very wrong. This is a lot of information. And if you have any questions Mike is an email away and will answer your questions ASAP. I enjoyed this course so much, I can't wait to start the k9 training course. If this is something you are interested in I strongly encourage you to sign up for this course. You have nothing to lose. Thank you Mike for helping me get this crazy dream of mine started.

Liz Davis - Responder

Skill Improvement

...this type of training brings needed knowledge to the surface and helps the memory. I would recommend this course for any officer interested in improving their skills, which sometimes means we go home to the family another day. Win/Win…

Ryan R. - Police Officer

SAR Fundamentals

I loved this course! It covered many, many areas that I feel and felt need covered with all Team members!

Recommend? Absolutely!

Cindy Gray - Chief Operations Officer

Just Right

... For someone just starting (in Search & Rescue) this course is just right.

R.F. - Commander

Search and Rescue Fundamentals

I like it - it's good for all people to do this course.

Recommend: Yes

Slade Boyle - Responder

Great introduction

Great introduction to what SAR is and how it should be trained for and performed.

Bruce - Firefighter

Great Training

it was a great training.. thanks to Mike

Timothy - Responder

Where can I learn more?

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