Interview Project Consent and Release


If you've arrived on this page, I've likely asked you to consider contributing to one of my new projects.

The project will feature interviews that illustrate your use of crisis leadership.  The interviews will be packaged and promoted in various forms to help my current and future clients improve their own leadership by learning from others who've 'been there.'

Do YOU have a story to share?

Examples may be:

  • A medic that was first on scene of a mass casualty incident?
  • A cyber tech that leads the response to a cyber attack?
  • A law enforcement officer that leads a team through an active shooter response?
  • A search & rescue professional that leads a team on the search for an abducted child?
  • A public relations supervisor that leads their organisation through a social media firestorm?
  • An emergency manager that oversees a regional hurricane incident?
  • A company supervisor who leads customers and employees through a major disruption?
  • Any incident where your leadership was the difference maker - including a moment of poor leadership, if you are willing to share!

This project is not about tactics or arrogant chest thumping.  This project is about leadership and the decisions you made (or didn't make) that helped resolve the crisis.  In your own words.

The initial phase of the project has 3 parts:

  1. You fill out the below form, provide your consent for the interview, a summary of your story and a favorite photo of yourself.  
  2. If your story is selected, we'll work together to schedule an in-person, video and/or phone interview.  I'll send you the questions in advance so you can prepare.  Each interview should be less than 20 minutes.
  3. The interview session is where you answer the questions that you've rehearsed while being recorded.  I'd expect less than 5 open-ended questions with you doing most of the talking.

That's it!

  • I'll likely open up an opportunity later to answer the interview questions via an online form (no recording.)  If that is preferred, include that note in your below application, please.

In the second phase I'll select the interviews to be included in the interview project, have them transcribed, etc.  If I hit a snag and need to follow-up with you for clarification, extra details, etc.  I'll use the contact info that you provide below.

** So that everyone's expectations are met, your expressed consent, understanding and commitment to discretion is super important.  The long version is below but here's the short version of what I'm asking from you:

I'd like to hear an example of your crisis leadership.  What you share with me, I will document and potentially use for my business development.  It’s still your story, I’m just gaining your permission to profit from it.

If you're good with that, please fill out the below application and consent form.

  • If you want to "save and continue later" before submitting, scroll to the bottom to take advantage of that feature.
  • If you'd like to know more about me first, contact me below or learn more about me HERE - link opens in a new tab.

Thanks for your interest in supporting this interview project.  I'm excited about sharing the stories from some world-class leaders.

    Mike McKenna

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Thanks again for your interest in supporting this interview project.   If you have any questions, concerns or ideas, please contact me via email below.

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