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How to be Better … Self-Improvement Done Right

Well done is better than well said.

~ Benjamin Franklin

The prospect of being better through self-improvement at something is easy to say.  Actually being better at something though is part art and part science.

Let's review a little adult learning theory.

Andragogy is a concept popularized by Malcolm Knowles in his 1970 book, The Modern Practice of Adult Education.  

In fact, Knowles referred to andragogy as “the art and science of helping adults learn”.  

Let's break that down and then we will discuss why it matters.

There are six (6) basic assumptions or pillars of adult learning, summarized below.  Each pillar suggests that all of us as adult learners recognize:

  1. 1
    There must be a reason that we need to obtain knowledge on a topic.
  2. 2
    That our experiences (good and bad) are the foundation for learning.
  3. 3
    That we desire to be self-directed which provides greater input in the planning, evaluation and decisions of our instruction.
  4. 4
    That the most interesting learning subjects also bear immediate relevance to our work and/or personal lives.
  5. 5
    That our learning is more focused on problem solving than in simply gaining knowledge.
  6. 6
    That we respond better to internal motivators rather than external motivators.

Now let me add three (3) assumptions of my own based on the above principles:

  1. 1
    You are here because you desire to learn somethingbe better at something or achieve something.
  2. 2
    You want to be respected for what you know and not ridiculed for what you don't know.
  3. 3
    You want to build actual skillsabilities and knowledge that you can use to make your life easier, better or more efficient.   And you don't want needless theory, endless discussion or inexperienced facilitators.  In other words, you want "Tactical and Practical".

We're adult learners too and frequently spend time on BOTH sides of the classroom, as instructors and as participants.  

These experiences forge a simple, non-negotiable premise here:

We only build and instruct the kind of courses that we would like to attend and only write books and articles that we would want to read. 

Built BY leaders FOR leaders.

So, art and science?  Yep, that's the aim here.  

Premium quality instruction based on sound learning theory provided by immensely experienced, internationally recognized and credentialed instructors and content providers.

Your next steps:

I'm confident that you will find something beneficial.   Have anything else to say?  Contact me.

Thanks for visiting.  Enjoy!

Mike McKenna

Founder and President

TEAM Solutions

Mike McKenna

About the author

Mike McKenna is the founder and president of TEAM Solutions. He helps public and private sector leaders improve their outcomes before, during and after a planned event or unplanned crisis.

Please contact Mike via the Contact page.

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