Emergency EvacuationWhether evacuating yourself or executing an emergency evacuation of others, we must always focus on one, critical criteria first:

“We must move from a bad place to a better place.”

Easy to say.  Harder to do.

That’s why I’ve assembled a list of 7 Best Practices from leading experts on what to do before you actually evacuate your facility.

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For hospitals, senior care facilities, schools and businesses, evacuating people falls into two categories:

  1. People that can evacuate under their own power.
  2. People that are immobile and need assistance in evacuating.

For the latter,  I’m proud to offer a versatile selection of emergency evacuation devices to help move immobile people from a bad place to a better place.  

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In addition to Evacuation Devices, there are other concerns about the regulatory concerns, implementation issues, training considerations, mass care and mass evacuation complications and a myriad of other evacuation related topics.

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You can also see the complete line of devices here.

  • AlbacMat Emergency Evacuation and Rescue Mat

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  • AlbacMat Holder for 4 Mats

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  • Bariatric Evacuation and Rescue Mat (Bariatric EvacMat)

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  • Buscot Babe Infant Evacuation Device

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  • Electric pump for MCI Mannequin

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  • EMS Bariatric EVACMAT

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  • Evac E Pad

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  • Evacupod EVP Rescue Pod

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  • Evacupod EVP200 Standard

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  • HMH Haz-Mat Hospital Sked

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  • MCI Mannequin Adult/Pediatric

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    MEGAMover Transport Unit

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