Disaster Response

re·sponse (rəˈspäns) noun; a reaction to something.

Of course, you don’t need me to read a dictionary to you for you to know what “response” means.  Especially disaster response.

I share this simple definition as a reminder and an acknowledgment that whether you serve part-time on a business continuity team, full time as a firefighter or anywhere in between … you are a responder.

It’s why during a crisis … ‘they’ go that way … and we go this way.  Towards the incident.

As I tell my students … if it weren’t for people like them (victims and non-participants of all kinds of disasters) … then there wouldn’t be people like us.

These disaster response resources are designed with you in mind.

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Questions That Leaders Ask

Imagine spilling your milk (or any other unplanned event). Unpleasant, right?To move on, Response Leaders seek answers to two separate but complementary questions: Why (insight) and What (action). WHY did it happen? Seeks insight into the disruption but does little to actually clean up the milk.Why is backward facing – looks at cause, effect and origin. Why is historic and factual and may be buried […]

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How Much Does It Cost To Be A Search & Rescue Volunteer?

Case Study of the time, training (online and in-person), team fees, equipment, etc. How Much Does It Cost To Be A Search & Rescue Volunteer?

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The 2 Evacuation Rules Responders Must Know

Each year, somewhere in our viewing area, we see a similar story play out: “Mass flooding forces mass evacuations”“Tornado destroys homes, residents have nowhere to go” The media usually has a narrative: ‘people are in danger and need to be evacuated!’ But sometimes the media has a different narrative: ‘people are being forced to evacuate […]

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Criticize with Care – How to get action instead of acrimony

Ever notice that criticism gets a bad rap, generally speaking? Not the “you’re ugly and your mother dresses you funny” kind, but the constructive kind that portends to improve performance. The problem is that when the criticism isn’t received as constructive, there’s no incentive for the desired improvement to occur. And the whole concept is […]

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SITREP Your Way to Greater Success

Ever experience this? Question: “Hi, Honey, welcome home. Please tell me about your day?” Reply: “It was fine. The boss was in a grumpy mood. Had lunch with the team at work. Closed the Penske sale. Planned a big conference call for tomorrow. How about your day?” Sounds like a 1950’s sitcom, right? Perhaps. But […]

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The Response Leadership Sequence Online Education Program

For response leaders before, during, and after a crisis, this is your secret weapon!

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Crime Scene & Evidence Preservation for Responders

Learn how to professionally respond to a crime scene, assess it, preserve the scene and the evidence and prepare an accurate report for courtroom testimony.

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K9 Education Bundle

Transform your confidence and your competence with a collection of K9 educational courses, cheat sheets, pocket cards, and job-aids.

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Responder Education Bundle

Transform your confidence and your competence with the complete collection of Responder educational courses, cheat sheets, pocket cards, and job-aids.

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4 Objectives of Disaster Search

In this Micro Training Solution, learn the 4 Objectives of Disaster Search that will help any responder improve their competency in the field.

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Flood Awareness Training for Law Enforcement

Flood Awareness Training for Law Enforcement addresses the special considerations faced by law enforcement when responding to a flood event.

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Canine Behavior & Drives

Learn what canine behavior differentiates the dogs that perform consistently at high levels ... and how you can channel your dog's behaviors and drives to maximize their potential.

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Preliminary Damage Assessment

Reliably determine when it is safe to GO or NO-GO into a disaster so you can do the most good for the most people, quickly and safely.

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Briefing and Debriefing for Better Communication

Achieve the results you require from other people with these simple, proven communication strategies.

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Search and Rescue K9’s – Introduction

Start here to build a solid and valuable foundation of knowledge regarding the rewarding field of Search and Rescue (SAR) K9’s. So others may live ...

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Responder Safety Margin

Responder Risk Management and L.C.E.S.

Responder Risk Management for responders expected to operate near a structural collapse or other disaster environments.

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