Search & Rescue Online Training - Basic by TEAM Solutions

Search & Rescue Online Training – Basic

Search & Rescue Online Training – Basic

Search & Rescue Online Training - Basic enables you to learn, grow and command a solid foundation of SAR knowledge ...

  • So that you can be fully informed before joining a SAR Team
  • So that you can you can refresh or fill in gaps in your current SAR knowledge
  • So that new SAR members receive accurate and informed foundation training as part of their on-boarding process
  • So that Others May Live ...

Enroll today in this Search & Rescue Online Training – Basic course and: 

  • Get the training you need ... 
  • To do the job you want ... 
  • With increased confidence and skill ...  
  • While saving valuable time from wasteful web-surfing for unverified content.
  • Intended audience:
  • Anyone wanting to learn more about SAR.
  • Volunteers, law enforcement, fire, EMS, Emergency Management, military, etc.
  • Those wanting a head-start in their SAR career.
  • Committed learners only, please!
  • Benefits to your organization:
  • On-board new members with the right tools. 
  • Bulk discounts & non-profit discount available.
  • Excellent annual refresher for everyone.
  • Training manager has access to student reports.

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Great use of time!

Overall, this is by far the next best thing to going to a class somewhere and learning it. Except this is cheaper, actual training (not just a page ripped out of a text book) and from a good instructor.

Paul S. , Responder

Pleasure to Watch

It was a pleasure to watch you take best practices from multiple worlds and bring them together in the after action review.

Mike A. , Program Mgr.

Tech Age

Thanks for bringing SAR into the tech age TEAM Solutions!

Jen , Volunteer Response Leader

Fill in the Blanks

I heard that I can fill in a lot of blanks with this course and it's true. I still have to build up my field skills but Mike’s course really gave me a solid knowledge of what I need and also parts of SAR that I was not familiar with. All stuff I need to know.

Rick , First Responder

Just Right

... For someone just starting (in Search & Rescue) this course is just right.

R.F. , Commander

Skill Improvement

...this type of training brings needed knowledge to the surface and helps the memory. I would recommend this course for any officer interested in improving their skills, which sometimes means we go home to the family another day. Win/Win…

Ryan R. , Police Officer

  • Donald Rickson says:

    Hello, former Marine, retired Corrections Officer, Emergency Management for small local hospital, Ski Patroller, and SAR Tech 3. Haven’t been to the Tech 2 course yet and was thinking about taking your on-line course as a primer?? Is it a Tech 2 certification without the 5 practical stations? My ultimate goal is develop my own 6 man/women team mostly for wilderness searchers to assist our state agency who are responsible for all searches in our state. Recently just finished the ICS 300 course and have had a seat in many command centers over the years. The MTR courses that the ski patrol put out are great and touch the basics of SAR.

    Thank You,
    Donald Rickson

  • Hi Donald and thanks for your service! This basic course is just that, a basic primer for those new to SAR so while free to enroll, it may not be very challenging for you. The next course in the series is called SAR Fundamentals ( which would be more appropriate for someone with your current level of experience (and it includes the content from this basic course). It is different than SARTech II in that it addresses SAR as a whole as opposed to just the individual tactics that SARTech II addresses. So they’re certainly compatible but not interchangeable. Please contact me via email (mike (at) and we can discuss a preview, group enrollment and customization options for your 6 person team. Thanks for your interest, Donald. Mike.

  • Liz Davis says:

    I completed the basic Search and Rescue course. I know what your thinking, You are thinking it is free course and not that much to it. Well let me tell you, you are very wrong. This is a lot of information. And if you have any questions Mike is an e mail away and will answer you questions ASAP. I enjoyed this course so much, I can’t wait to start the k9 training course. If this is something you are interested in I strongly encourage you to sign up for this course. After all it is free so you have nothing to lose. Thank you Mike for helping me get this crazy dream of mine started.

  • Mike McKenna says:

    Thank you, Liz and congratulations on your accomplishment!

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