Consulting Your Way

TEAM Solutions’ Emergency Management & Crisis Response Consulting services are provided to small and mid-sized businesses, public response agencies, non-profits/volunteer groups and faith-based groups around the world and through your computer.

In addition to being at your location – you serve good coffee, right? – by embracing technology we can also use platforms like Google + Hangouts, Skype or your own video conferencing service to consult and coach with you remotely, saving you time and expense. The ‘expert from afar carrying a briefcase’ is now just a video chat away.

Consulting Examples:

“A 3-day sports tournament that needs to plan and organize their multiple venues, hundreds of guests and dozens of volunteers…”

“An urban police department that needs strategic assistance in their operational plans to search for and locate a lost or missing person…”

“A small business that needs their employees trained and equipped to help prevent and/or recover quickly from a costly workplace disruption…”

“A rural fire department that needs better management tools to evaluate and engage a growing and interested population of volunteer responders…”

“A non-profit that needs to prevent an unplanned disruption of their critical information …”

“A mid-sized organization that needs guidance on creating and communicating, informed and achievable objectives to guide their next steps …”

What are YOUR Unmet Needs?

Please contact us to discuss, connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook or through smoke signals. Whatever and wherever you do your communicating, let us know and we will meet you there. If we can help, we’ll tell you how. If we’re not what you need, we’ll tell you that too … and help you find someone who does meet your needs. We always appreciate – and remember – when a vendor is honest with us about their strengths and weaknesses and we assume others will appreciate that too.

Business Discussion

How We Charge You

Our Emergency Management & Crisis Response Consulting approach is simple and is designed to put you at ease and to keep us in business!

  1. Initial “size-up” or consult is free.
  2. A dollars worth of pay will be worth AT LEAST a dollars worth of work.
  3. Rates are billed by project to insure you receive the greatest value.
  4. We will draft a Statement of Work to be agreed on before we start.
  5. If requested, we will submit a summary and recommendations at the completion of the engagement.

Please contact us today to let us know how we can help you get better!

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